20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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I’ve been AWOL for most of the past two months, a lot has been happening “in real life”. I’ve been feeling not quite here, not wanting to talk, share… Not just Christmas and all the joys and tantrums that go with the festive period, but we have had our heads down, bums up getting our house ready for sale, dealing with other very emotive stuff… but also a lot of good times. Visits from close family members from over seas, lots of fun, lots of laughs… lots of togetherness.

Anyway as part of my plan to “get back into it” here is a little list I have complied so you all can learn a little more about ME.

Ceara and Bex may choose to follow on from this and share some of their own stories, but that’s up to them. 😉

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me


1. When I was born, in North West Tasmania, I had thick black hair. The nurses asked my Mum if my Dad was italian.

2. As a baby, apparently I cried ALOT. I was known as the “Squawker”. My parents were living next door to a single men’s hostel and would put me out into the laundry so my cries wouldn’t disturb the neighbours through the walls. I’m guessing also to give my parents a bit of peace!

3. I lived in rural Southern Tasmania until I was about 12, when my parents divorced. We had goats, sheep and horses and I learnt to ride at the age of five on my Welsh Mountain pony named “Firecracker”. I attended Pony Club and competed in the local rural shows.

4. As a child we were always moving, I moved 24 times before the age of 20,but I only attended two schools.

5. When I was five I got my cardigan caught onto the bumper of the departing school bus and was dragged for 20 metres. Seeing what had happened the other kids who’d also gotten off the bus started chasing it, yelling and screaming. The bus driver, Mr Ryan, stopped, got out and yelled “What’s all the racket about?!” He saw me,  unhooked me, got back on the bus and drove off. A 12 year old neighbour carried me home and rang my Mum at work to come home.

6. I clearly remember the day my Mum turned 30, I was about 10, and she cried all day.

7. I got into trouble a number of times in primary school for kissing boys, all on separate occasions in different years I might add!

8. I was Head Girl of my primary school in 1986. Little kids used to come to me when their friends were hurt. I always remember being clueless as to what to do.

9. We had angora goats for a while and it was my sister’sand my job to untangle the kids from the blackberry bushes before school. One morning I ignored one of the babies cries and when I got home Mum told me he had fallen down a rabbit hole and broken his back. I still feel guilty about leaving him.

10. I was the tom boy of the family and also admired my older sisters girly-ness. I always felt she was she was the pretty/glamorous/smart one. I still do.

11. I went to a catholic all-girl high school and all my friends lived in beautiful big houses, had high powered parents who were politicians, lawyers and business owners. I always felt like I didn’t quite belong living in a three bed apartment with a single mum who worked all day and studied all night. But even now, 21 years after leaving school, I am still good friends with at least 12 of those girls and would say that they are one of the most consistent things in my life. We still get together as often as possible and talk loudly over one another.

12. I learnt to cook on those nights when my Mum was studying. She’s leave a list of ingredients and instructions on how to cook it. I was 13 or 14.

13. My first french kiss was behind the grand stand at the inter-school sports carnival. I was 13 and I couldn’t quite believe what was happening, it was gross but nice all at once! I was wearing a green t-shirt and dungarees.

14. I lost my virginity, at 18, to a friends ex-boyfriend. My friend didn’t talk to me for about a year.

15. At my first year of Uni I started studying Computer Science because my accountancy teacher convinced me it was the way of the future. I failed every course apart from the random Psychology 101 paper. I’d already decided I was changing direction and in my second year I started a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I failed my third year General Drawing class due to poor attendance and only scraped through my degree because I could use the points from that same Psychology paper.

16. I believe my Grandmother, who died when I was 18, still comes to visit me in my dreams for a chat and a catch up. I used to keep her updated about what was happening on Days of our Lives. The visits are fewer now but I wake up feeling so empty that she isn’t still here for real.

17. My husband and I met after my sister and his flatmate (they were colleagues) decided he needed to meet a girl as he was new to Melbourne. They couldn’t think of anyone until having lunch with my Mum one day the subject came up and she suggested me. They devised one of the worst parties I have been to for us to meet, and the rest is history.

18. My husband proposed to me outside the old Glastonbury Abbey in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK (yes the same Glastonbury where the music festival is held) a month after we moved to London, but in the next breath said “But you can’t tell anyone yet until I get used to the idea!”

19. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy at 9 weeks, I knew something wasn’t quite right from about 6.5 weeks, but everyone insisted I was being paranoid. My husband was away for work when it happened and I had to tell him by phone. When he came home the next day I ended up in hospital for the night after passing out in our bathroom.

20. I once took a previous employer to court for sexual harrassment and discrimination. Over a period of 18 months I’d watched and heard him demoralise women on a daily basis and was in a position where I could maybe make him think about what he was doing. We got as far as mediation a long 7 months later and he got off extremely lightly. As far as I know he hasn’t changed his ways.

Thanks for reading!

We’d love to hear more about you so if you want to join the fun and have a blog why don’t you give it a go and come back here and leave a link in the comments.


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