2feettall … shoes for babies & kids

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2feettall … shoes for babies & kids


REVIEW: Well, I wasn’t disappointed. I received a pair of shoes a few weeks ago and although the shoe is a different design from a pair my elder boys had, the shoe itself is super quality like I remember.  Many moons ago, I stocked this range of shoes for an online baby/kids store that I used to own.  I love the flexibility of the pre-walker shoe I ordered for my little Eli.  I can bend it in half easily. He is 10 months and already walking around holding onto things so it won’t be long before he is off on his own.  I was after a shoe that was as close to bare feet as possible.  A shoe that would flex and move with him as he was learning to walk.  I am so happy with the shoes and I get lots of comments about them too.  He looks so cute in them.  Thank you 2feettall – they are fabulous! Bex


2feettall is based on a farm in Mid Canterbury.

They are a leading designer and supplier of quality footwear for children, toddler and baby.  Their designs are very practical and durable, with comfort, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction our highest priorities.

2feettall  passion is to provide our kids with quality fun and fashionable footwear that allows them to do what kids do best – run, jump and play!

Angela bought 2feettall in 2013 and continues with the same passion, having her family always wrapped up in wool, with nothing other than leather on their feet. A country girl with a love of all things rural, as a child, Angela had it drummed into her the importance of natural fibres, wool and leather. This played a huge role in her upbringing.

Angelas passion is designing beautiful children’s leather shoes and loves nothing more than seeing her designs worn around world.

Free shipping within New Zealand … now that is awesome a plus! Visit the website today


Would you like to win a pair?  Simply visit the website and put the code of the shoes you want to win in the comments below … easy!

Competition is open to New Zealand residents only.  Competition ends 31 March 2014 at 5pm.  A winner will be selected randomly within a week of the competition closing and will be notified by email and through our facebook page.

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Comments (66)

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  1. Christine Donnelly says:

    Max Size 7 – supercute! Glad I found your website!

  2. Christine Donnelly says:

    Max Size 7 – supercute! Glad I found your website!

  3. Annette says:

    Doodles or BB-A121009-BL would be perfect for my little boy

  4. Trudie B says:


  5. Amy Tuavao says:

    The Angus Boot is adorable! My boy would love them.

  6. Amy Grimmer says:

    The Angus boot…my boy would love them!

  7. Andrea Callender says:

    BB-A121009-BL These would be super adorable on my little man!

  8. Julie McDonald says:

    the angus boot – black – size 31 (no code to give you??)

  9. Karen Price says:

    The Emma is gorgeous! Would love to win a pair of these for my little girl!

  10. amanda says:

    luke size 7 for us !

  11. Lana says:

    MAX size 5 please!

  12. cindy cooper says:

    Doodles (Blue/Whiite/Green;7 (150mm))

  13. Emma Chrysoulis says:

    The ‘Sophie’ sandals are gorgeous 🙂

  14. Natalie says:

    /bb-a27003-nv size 12-18 months please so cute!

  15. Gemma says:

    The angus boot – brown – size 29, awesome – no code that I could find!

  16. Michelle W says:

    Molly … so cute!!!

  17. Helen says:

    Confident walker – EMMA! These shoes look great and could be worn with anything….

  18. Therese B says:

    Great to know about this website! Look like quality at reasonable prices! If we were lucky enough to win, we would go with the Angus Boot, Black, Size 27 🙂

  19. Nicky Fincham says:

    I would love to win a pair of black Emma’s please 🙂

  20. Sam says:

    The Angus boots are so cute would love a brown pair for our boy size 6 please

  21. Karen J says:

    The Angus Boot-nice and simple :^)

  22. Ange Beaumont says:

    LOVE the Angus boots – they are so freaking cute!!!

  23. joelene says:

    Grace (girls)

  24. Melanie Anderson says:

    The Angus Boot looks like it’d be perfect for my little one. Black/Size 32 🙂

  25. Helen B says:

    I’d love to win a pair of black Angus boots size 27 for my wee boy. Thanks

  26. Melissa Jack says:

    Gorgeous range, love them all, Nix would happily rock these softies as he learns to walk!

  27. Kelly says:

    The Angus boots would look cute with a little dress thanks

  28. Ant says:

    Molly are pretty cute!!

  29. Darren Rae says:

    James size 33 Please

  30. Angela S says:

    BB-A27003-NV – cuteness!

  31. An Bo says:

    Max looks like the pair for us.

  32. Tracey says:

    The Angus boot, so he can be just like daddy

  33. Cheri Jordan says:

    Wow awesome! LBL-BB9001-BR would be perfect for our baby girl – she is 6months old – crawling and so wants to be running already!

  34. Heather McIntyre says:

    Would love to win a pair of ‘James’ shoes – they would be perfect. 🙂

  35. Jean Britt says:

    Emma size 33 please

  36. Kimberley Davies says:

    I would love a pair of the Grace shoes. Very cute for my gorgeous wee girl 🙂

  37. Tracey Joyce says:

    http://www.2feettall.com/boys/angus-boot sorry must be having a brain fart as can’t find a code???

  38. Sarah Blair says:

    Max are super cute!

  39. Miriam van Dijk says:

    I am loving the Angus boot for my boy, would be so perfect for winter 🙂 Totally love the name too!

  40. Cindy C says:

    My daughter would love the Grace girls shoes

  41. Emma Reynolds says:

    My 3.5 year old likes the look of the Dylan shoes- in size 10. 🙂

  42. Daina Gloyn says:

    Angus boot would be brilliant for my farm boys – just like Daddy!

  43. Karen Hau says:

    Angus boot would be fantastic for my 3 year old

  44. Kim says:

    Definitely the Ballet shoes in pink size 35 (219mm) I can’t find a code!

  45. Kasey potter says:

    angus boot size 30 please:)

  46. Nicole Wood says:

    Angus Boot please – they rock and my little girl would rock them also 🙂

  47. Gemma says:

    Angus boot in brown, please!

  48. Shani McLean says:

    Id love a pair of the Angus Boots for my little man
    I couldn’t find a code!
    Awesome prize

  49. Trish M says:

    My son would love a pair of James shoes, he’s starting school soon so these would be a really special treat for a new big school boy. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  50. Alana Vollebregt says:

    Love the Angus Boot for daughter. They would super cute with tights and a dress.

  51. Ailsa says:

    Would have to be the Dylan boot for my wee man also called Dylan – size 8.

  52. Jo McKenzie says:

    Angus boots in brown Size 28 please

  53. david bussey says:

    size 32 angus boot would be amazing for mr confident. thank you

  54. Debra Noy says:

    Would love a pair of “Emma”

  55. Miriam Gopperth says:

    Angus boot size 27 for my son please


  56. Melissa Reynolds says:

    Angus Sz 27 please 🙂 Perfect for Winter!

  57. Emma kane says:

    Funny there are shoes named grace (my daughter) and Emma (myself) love the Angus boot though for my youngest who loves to splash I puddles

  58. Lisa Behrent says:

    Would love to win a pair of James shoes for my son who will be starting school in May! 🙂

  59. Bronwyn McGuire says:

    James (35 (219mm)) please!

  60. Lise McDowell says:

    Angus boot sz 31 thanks

  61. Leslie Whitehead says:

    I would love to win a size 33 Emma please.

  62. Sherri Hughes says:

    I would love to win a pair of the “Doodles” in Pink- Size 7 for my toddler girl. These look durable and perfect for daycare!

  63. Jono Donker says:

    My son and I think he would sport a Angus Boot (Size 31) really well! 😀 Great designs available.

  64. Becs ravenscroft says:

    The Angus Boot

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