Absent Mums – Are You in the Picture?

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Are your kids going to look back on your family photos and wonder where Mum was because you were ALWAYS the one taking the photos, rather than being IN them?

I have seen a few posts on Facebook over the last couple of months about variations of this theme… whether it be Mums who hate having their pictures taken or just that no photos would get taken unless you took them. I’m well and truly in the latter group and have hundreds of photos of my kids, or my kids with Dad, but very rarely do I get in front of the camera.

Partly because I don’t think I am very photogenic – the old double chin rears it’s ugly head! So a lot of the photos we have with ME in them are like this:


Or on the odd occasion, like when we were living in the USA last year, when Dad get’s the camera forced into his hands:


Then there is the extremely rare occurrence when the whole family are in the picture:


All precious moments and awesome memories, but don’t usually live up to my vision!

Here is a great post from Modern Parents, Messy Kids about getting in the picture with your kids with some great tips, which includes hiring a professional to take some awesome shots for you. This I can’t recommend highly enough, unless you have a hubby who hates having his photo taken WITH A PASSION, then you have to bring out all of your arm twisting skills!

You may have seen the amazing photoshoot Bex had recently with Nykie from Mistral Photography. Gorgeous images like these really can not be beaten.


We are big fans of Nykie’s work here at LDM and she had this to say about Mum’s being in the picture:

“It’s not often mums want to be in front of the camera and I never put huge pressure on anyone to do it… but I do gently encourage them. I often say, hey let’s click a few frames, get you in there, and you don’t even have to keep them if you don’t want them!

However,  Every.single.time. mums come back to me and says “I am so glad you gave me a wee nudge, thank you,  I love them!”…. I often tell mums to get their hair and make up done and then after the shoot they can go out to dinner… bonus!

Once we get over our initial criticisms of ourselves, we can then see the images for what they are; beautiful treasured memories – do it for your kids!” 

I arranged a kids only photoshoot with Nykie a couple of years ago and still kick myself that I didn’t get some shots with me as well!

But on a recent holiday to Australia, as a present to my Dad for his 60th birthday, we arranged a full photoshoot with my extended family, now that was chaos!


And we even managed a few photos of my lot altogether, hubby included! They are not perfect but very true to life, so perfect for us!


So just do it, make sure YOU are in the picture, you won’t regret it.

Images by Mistral Photography, Emma Rhoades Photography and ME!
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  1. Bex says:

    I will always treasure the photos I get from Nykie (www.mistralphotography.co.nz) … she is amazing and I will continue to book her in, from time to time, to capture my boys as they grow into men and me and hubby as we grow older. Photos are so important to me.

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