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I’ve been searching for good make-up for what feels like my entire adult life.  I’ve suffered from pretty bad acne breakouts since I was about 14, and I have very sensitive skin in general.  Finding a make-up that ticks all MY boxes, is harder than it sounds, because I have so many boxes to tick!  I wanted a make-up that, first and foremost, gave me good coverage, but was also light (we’ll all agree there is nothing worse than feeling like you have inch-thick make-up on).  I also wanted something that wasn’t going to make my breakouts worse, I needed coverage that also let my skin breathe, and wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin.  On top of all of this, I have very strong feelings about animal testing, and supporting companies that are ethical in the production of their products.  Pretty big ask wouldn’t you say, to tick all those boxes?

Briony Kennedy – Founder of Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

After recently interviewing Briony Kennedy, founder of Adorn Cosmetics, and finding out more about her, her company, and its ethical stance, I was intrigued to know if it was possible, for such an upstanding company, to actually ‘tick all the boxes’, and produce  great products, without jeopardizing their ethical stance.  Adorn products are registered with The Vegan Society, Halal, Choose Cruely Free and PETA, and their ingredients are free from synthetic chemicals, and are toxic Free. Adorn Cosmetics are proudly made in Australia, are refillable, and recycled into fencing posts!  AMAZING!

I was very fortunate then, that Briony was happy for me to try out some of her products, and needless to say, I was beyond excited when my little package arrived, and for more than one reason too!  After suffering an ectopic miscarriage not so long ago, and then dealing with a breast tumour, testing and surgical removal, it’s no wonder my hormones, and stress levels have been all over the place.  So no surprise that my skin has been quite a mess, and for anyone that has suffered with bad skin of any sort, it can be really embarrassing, and completely knock your self confidence.  It shouldn’t matter, but let’s be honest – for those that suffer with it, it does.

I have been using the Adorn Loose Foundation SPF 15+, in Medium-Dark, applying it with the Adorn Vegan Kabuki Make-up Brush, for the last couple of weeks.  On my first application, two thing struck me immediately.  Firstly, ‘Oh my god, it’s actually covering up all the red bits!’, secondly, ‘I could keep adding more and more, and it feels like there is nothing on my skin, and this brush feels like silk!’.  I was really impressed, and honestly, quite excited.  But I was yet to see if it ‘clogged me up’, making my breakout worse, or if my skin reacted to it, as has happened countless times over the years, when trying new products on my skin.



After 3 days of use, not only had my breakout not got worse, but my skin felt softer, and I hadn’t had any ‘new’ pimples pop up.   There wasn’t a clogged pore to be seen!  And there was absolutely no adverse reaction from the make-up, no rash, or itchiness at all.  The catch-22 for all of us who have trouble with acne, redness etc, is that going make-up free does help your skin, but it also means facing the world, feeling less than great about yourself.  So most of us take the option of covering up, even if it means making things worse.  Well – for me now, I have another option – Adorn Loose Foundation.  I HIGHLY recommend this product to all women, not just those who need great coverage, without the clogging.  This is a make-up that ‘ticks all the boxes’, and is worth every single cent, in my opinion.



I’m not done yet though!!  I was also lucky enough to try the Adorn Lashing Out Waterproof Mineral Mascara, in Black Onyx.  Up to now, I have NEVER worn a mascara, of any brand, or type, that hasn’t left me wanting to rub my eyes.  I am always irritated by mascara, and as soon as I put it on, I get an itchy feeling, like I have something stuck in my eye (me and my oh so sensitive skin again!).   Sometimes I don’t even bother to wear it when going out, because I just end up rubbing it round, and would rival any Panda in the black eye department!  After having tried the Adorn Loose Foundation, and experiencing the great results, I was expecting great things from my new mascara, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  Hand on heart, this is the first EVER mascara I have worn, that has not irritated my eyes, and has not made me want to scratch and rub – and very importantly, it is a really great mascara, that isn’t lumpy or gluggy at all.  It’s just lovely, and I am SOLD!

I have finally found what I have been looking for all these years, really good quality make-up, that ticks ALL the boxes.  Pop over to the Adorn Cosmetics website, and have a look at their great range for yourself.  Next on my list to try, is some of their gorgeous lipsticks, concealer, and bronzer.  You can also become a liker on the Adorn Cosmetics Facebook Page to keep up to date with what the lovely ladies at Adorn are up to.

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