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Nicky and I have been following Sarah for a number of years.  We have both done her Manifest online course which has techniques and inspiration to help you dare to desire and create a life you love.  I absolutely love the idea that we create our world through the power of our own thoughts and intentions.  Living a life of gratitude and giving thanks is a huge part of it and definitely a part that I have been doing for a very long time with my gratitude journal.


I have personally experienced some truly amazing things happen to my own life through the power of manifesting, but that is another post!  First up, who is Sarah?

She is a bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, mama and artist. Her soul’s passion is to sprinkle unlimited, creative possibilities and new perspectives everywhere she goes. She is truly devoted to teaching people about how to follow their heart, manifest their desires and believe in their own magic.

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Her Bio

Sarah Prout has been teaching the art of metaphysics, creating your own magic and manifesting miracles for over a decade. She is a bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur and publisher. Her books have currently over 90,000 copies in print in over 27 countries around the globe. Her first bestselling book ‘The Power of Influence’ was translated into German for European distribution. As a self-help writer, Sarah is devoted to teaching people to create a life they adore. Sarah has been called “one of Australia’s top media profiles”, “one of the top bloggers to watch by ProBlogger”, and “a modern-day Florence Shovel Shinn”. Her work has been featured on Sunrise on 7 (TV), LA Talk Radio, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, Mindvalley Academy, BRW Magazine, Yahoo!, Women’s Day, The Australian Financial Review,, Sunday Herald Sun, :NoteBook magazine, ThinkBIG Magazine and numerous others. Sarah has presented lectures on the importance of authenticity and social media, the Law of Attraction, her self-love journey recovering from domestic violence, how to follow your heart and create a business you love. In 2010, Sarah met her soulmate (Sean Patrick Simpson) on Twitter from opposite ends of the planet. Together, they created a media company for conscious entrepreneurs to share their unique messages with the world through empowered publishing solutions (

Quick fire questions:

1.    What do you do?

I am a bestselling author, publisher, blogger, proud mama of 3 and passionate entrepreneur. I teach people how to manifest their desires and believe in their own magic.

2.    How would you describe yourself in five words?

Creative, intuitive, quirky, feminine, impulsive.

3. How did you get to where you are today?

In my late 20s I left a 10 year abusive marriage with 2 beautiful children, three suitcases and $30,000 worth of debt. When I started blogging online back in 2006, I could see the potential to connect with people and so I started my first publishing company. I think the magic ingredient that got me to where I am today has been learning to love the hustle. As an entrepreneur you have to be constantly motivated to connect with people and ride the uncertain flow of inspiration when it strikes. For me, struggling on welfare meant that I had to get super creative and dig my way out of a massive financial hole. Persistence and self-belief is also the key.

4. What/who/where do you draw inspiration from?

I always and have always drawn inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs. There is something so magical about a rags to riches story. You know, the start-ups that start on the kitchen table and then turn into multi-million dollar brands. I just love seeing entrepreneurial success. On this flipside of this though, I also draw inspiration from life, the Universe and just going with the flow.

5. What person do you really rely on for support and encouragement in life?

My husband Sean. He is my best friend, my business partner, my co-parent, my lover and pretty much my everything. I love him so much. He is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met and is a wonderful source of support and encouragement.

6. What are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for my beautiful husband and my three children. In the last two years I have had 5 consecutive miscarriages and then fell pregnant for a sixth time successfully. Giving birth to my third child, that was healthy and happy was something I will always be incredibly grateful for since the doctors told me that I was probably unable to have children. Goes to show that miracles happen!

7. What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

There are no mistakes because pain makes your soul stronger.

8. What is your wish for the future?

My wish for the future is that our company expands and we finally have an office building and a team to run the business so we can create new brands and focus on having more freedom and fun. I would also love to travel with my children, live somewhere new, make time to create more art, write a novel, get a tattoo, marry my husband over and over again in different cities, sleep more, hire a nanny, work with a charity, perhaps build a school and the list goes on…

I highly recommend following Sarah to inject some positivity and inspiration into your life … we all could do with more of that!

Her blog:



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  1. Nicky says:

    Thanks Sarah! I really believe the manifesting exercises I did with Sarah manifested my awesome house and the happiness my family experience living here.

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