Boys Go Bush

| July 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

Boys go bush – and they really do, when they want to, at home.

I haven’t had my camera out in ages, so I thought I better get some snaps before I look and my boys are men.  They seem to be growing crazy fast!

We are so privileged to live on an amazing property … well, we love it.  It may be a bit over grown and have some, not so great plants, like gorse and ginger, but we will tackle that slowly but surely.

What IS fabulous is that we can take a walk down our paddocks and then venture into some bush and then forest.  It really is fun for the boys and my youngest Eli is obsessed with spiders, so we were on the look out for some creepy crawlies.

Whilst they were exploring, I managed to get a few snaps that I thought I would share.

familylove1 familylove2 familylove3 familylove4

Exploring with my boys is so much fun.  I get asked lots of questions about the world when we go for adventures, even just adventures in the back yard.  Many of which, I really don’t know, but we go and Google it after to discover the answers.  These, I guess are the joys of home schooling my boys, that we can follow their interests a lot of the time.

What are your kids interested in at the moment?

My boys are all about Minecraft, Lord of the Rings, spiders, Harry Potter, diggers and muscles (trying to get big ones, not the ones you eat) … well, that is what they like at the moment anyway.

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