Ceara’s Chocolate, Blueberry Yoghurt Pops/Smoothie!

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I struggle to eat breakfast, I’m just not hungry till closer to lunchtime.  I’ve been like this for a while, and there are some mornings I literally just forget to eat.  So I started thinking it would be a great idea to find a nice smoothie recipe, and maybe try that in the mornings, so at least I’m getting the nutrition, and energy I need to start the day.  I am in no way dieting, I don’t need to loose weight, so I wasn’t looking for any kind of SUPER healthy smoothie, just something nutritious, for a boost of energy, but yummy too!  And then I thought, it would also be great as an after school snack for my son.

I stumbled across a recipe on Pinterest for Blueberry Yoghurt Pops, which had been pinned from The Gracious Pantry – Clean Eating Recipes For Everyday Living.  I was really excited to see that this recipe needed only 4 ingredients!!  It sounded yum, and I could have it as a smoothie for myself, and yoghurt pops for my son (he’s really into eating anything frozen at the moment, since I purchased an ice-block making container for $2, great value for money by the way!).

So I got all the ingredients together.  I always try to buy organic if I can afford it, and made, produced and packaged in New Zealand if I can find it.  So I bought some The Collective Yummy Runny Yoghurt with Honey, some Airborne 12+ Manuka Honey, some Oob Certified Organic frozen Blueberries, and some good old Pam’s vanilla essence (all NZ made).  I also, cheekily added some cinnamon, and milk chocolate chips!!  (This is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love these products!)

You can find the original ‘Clean Eating’ healthy version of these pops HERE.

And here is my version (cue evil laugh):

Ceara’s Chocolate, Blueberry Yoghurt Pops/Smoothie Recipe:

2 Cups The Collective Yoghurt (preferably plain, or runny with honey)

1 Cup of Fresh, or Frozen Blueberries (preferably Oob Organic if frozen, as they are epic)

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

1/4 of a Cup of Honey (preferably Active Manuka, and if you can get organic NZ made, even better!)

1/2 Cup of Chocolate Chips

1/2 Teaspoon of Cinnamon.

Put all the ingredients together in a blender, or if you have a stick blender, into a tall plastic container (beware of splash-back if that’s the case, go easy with the stick blender to start off with!).  BLEND, BLEND, BLEND till smooth.

Now you can drink it as it is, as a smoothie – or as I have done below, pop it into popsicle/ice-block makers, to make yoghurt pops for yourself and/or the kids 😉

Either way these are DELICIOUS.  Feel free to make the healthier version – and maybe save this indulgent version of mine for birthdays, or special treats.  And the beauty of this kind of recipe is that you can adjust it as you’d like.  I think swapping the blueberries for peaches, taking away the chocolate and adding a little fresh mint would be delicious as well!

If you have other great ideas for flavour combinations, let me know in the comments below!  I’d love to hear your ideas.

ENJOY!  Ceara 🙂


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