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[Product Review]

4 Ingredients Kids – Kim McCosker

I must admit the irritation factor when cooking “with” my kids is around a 10, so I can’t say I was looking forward to doing this review AT. ALL. My little one (3) loves to help and I mean LOVES, but in truth he’s really more a hinderer and I am impatient, not a good combination, right? But I thought OK four ingredients … what really can go wrong? And the pleasure my boys get from ‘helping’ is worth much more than my sanity.

So we gave it a crack. I’m happy to report it really is as easy as it sounds. My boys are probably a little young to do things on their own (not counting the fact they can’t read) but this book would definitely be a hit with the junior Masterchef, say 6+.

We chose an old favourite – pancakes. These are a weekly Saturday morning treat in our house and usually Dad is the chief cook so when he was away for work it was my job to deliver. So what does any great ‘not a morning person mum’ do? Get the kids to do the hard work of course. I got out all FOUR (4) ingredients and ordered them around. No sweat*

Here is our version of the 4 Ingredients Kids “Purple Pancakes’.

We made a slight modification and used strawberries instead of blueberries, so really they were Pink Pancakes… but smiles all round!

*Of course I wouldn’t let a 5 and 3 year old near the stove and actually did the hot stuff.

So our verdict?

For busy mums and dads, who cook regularly for kids, this recipe book is a winner.  It is very simple and easy to use, so easy it’s child’s play (ahem!) but I also think it is a winner for getting out of the weekly cooking rut, tonight for example I made the 5-minute Fettuccine Carbonara. I fancied baked eggs with lentils but knew the kids wouldn’t go for it so the quick pasta recipe really was as easy and quick as it sounds. They were happy and I was happy! Win win!

The recipes are explained in very basic terms and grouped into breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, dessert and party food and more importantly really appealing to kids. I really think if you have a child who is interested in cooking then this book will be a perfect beginners guide.

Bon apétit!

An awesome find for your little beginner chef with a great section on party food that will delight, you can get yourself a copy of the book HERE.


About the book: 

Flowing with recipes from Breakfast to Snacks, Lunch to Dinners, Desserts and Party Ideas, there is a beautiful balance of delicious and nutritious recipes….combined with a moderate amount of fun food!

4 Ingredients Kids features meals for the family to sit and enjoy together, or try the new, AMAZING 2 INGREDIENT CUPCAKE recipe!

This book is a book to encourage kids into the kitchen, grow in cooking confidence and know that a meal can be made easily at home, taste terrific and be healthy. 4 Ingredients Kids is the perfect beginners’ kitchen friend and will delight children with clever, creative photography and recipes including Meatloaf Cupcakes, Chicken Calypso Sandwich, Partysicles, Edible Veggie Bowl & Dip, 4-Minute Strawberry Soft Serve, Wok-on Noodles and Chocolate Fruit Jewels.

About the author:

Australian Kim McCosker worked for 7 years in the finance industry before resigning to spend the time raising her beautiful boys. It was during this time that 4 Ingredients came into being. Today, 4 Ingredients is her PASSION. It is the sheer joy of learning new things about food, recipes and kitchen wisdom that drives Kim to create, share, write. Kim is Australia’s highest selling cookbook author with over 6 million books in the 4 Ingredient series sold worldwide.


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  1. Ceara says:

    I am absolutely getting a copy of this for my 6 year old son, he loves cooking, and I know he would get a kick out of having his very own cookbook.

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