Do You Suffer From Restless Leg Syndrome?

| July 11, 2013 | 3 Comments

by Miranda Likeman

Has this happened to you? You lie down and try to go to sleep, but instead are kept awake by an irresistible urge to walk or move your legs. Called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), this is a common, annoying occurrence for which there is no known cause. Often occurring in middle aged and older adults, RLS treatment options are limited.
Until now.


I have suffered from RLS for several years, since my late twenties. It severely interfered with my sleep, and the resulting insomnia only added to exhaustion, stress and worsening RLS symptoms. So I thought you might like some of the techniques I have used to gain relief from my RLS.

Spray away

Some years ago, my flatmate gave me the best gift ever. It was an under the tongue spray from Martin & Pleasance, called Restless Legs Relief. A homoeopathic formulation combined with schuessler tissue salts, the spray gave me relief from my involuntary, uncontrollable leg twitching and jerking and the desire to move my legs.

Say goodbye to the good stuff

After some internet research, I found that sadly to minimize my RLS symptoms, I needed to cut down on nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and stress, all things that were pretty much a constant in my life. However I found a simple rule helped greatly – I would limit caffeine and nicotine to before 3pm; if I was drinking alcohol, I made sure I paced it with water and had gone for a long walk that day, taking the time to do gentle leg stretches on the cooldown. The exercise and taking a long bath with Epsom salts also helped to minimize stress.

Wrap it up

Recently Scala, a range of Brazilian shapewear, leggings and tights were introduced to New Zealand. These products were well received because they were different from others on the market – users would notice a find a reduction in the appearance of their unsightly cellulite if they wore the products for 6 hours a day for 30 days. I was working with the label for some time, and wore their products during the winter. Then I noticed another beneficial side effect: relief from the urges for constant leg activity, night twitches and crawling sensations, cramps and aches.


I discovered my experience was supported by a medical study conducted in Washington DC in 2009, who found that even just an hour a day of wearing compression garments increases blood flow and encourages vein and lymphatic drainage, decreasing the symptoms of RLS.

Scala garments were specially developed to get rid of cellulite they are made to stimulate cell metabolism by improving blood flow to the skin. Every Scala garment contains a special microfibre with active bio crystals, which when in contact with the skin, absorb body heat and exude infra-red rays that stimulate blood flow and drainage of fat through the lymph system. Best of all, handwashing does not affect or damage the bio crystals in anyway, which remain active for the life of the garment. Wearing them as instructed, I not only had smooth skin, I could finally sleep.

Do you suffer from RLS? Please feel free to share your experiences and how you have gained natural relief from the symptoms.

Medical Study details located here.
Scala can be purchased from

Miranda Likeman has been every kind of journalist you could name. At present she writes mostly about fashion and beauty, subjects on which she has much experience, but not in a stuffy inaccessible way. She loves a bargain and making the affordable look expensive.

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  1. Lou DD says:

    One word for you.

    Magnesium !

    Supplementing with Magnesium (I use a Mag,Zinc, B6 combo) will alleviate RLS completely.


  2. Andrea says:

    Magnesium is also a great help – I recommend Active Elements 4.2 (available from Huckberry Farms stores or online). Taken at night it makes a huge difference to my RLS, which I’ve suffered from most of my life. Also helps relieve stress when you’re trying to fall asleep.

  3. It is in reality a nice along with useful part of information. We’re grateful that you just provided this helpful information about. Be sure to keep people up to par this way. We appreciate you spreading.

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