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| June 9, 2015 | 2 Comments

How often do you get out and explore the areas around your home?

I think we are sooo lucky here in New Zealand, and also Australia (where I am from originally), to have so many beautiful places to explore within easy reach of the big centres.

One of the things I missed most about “home” while living in the UK was the ability to go somewhere, whether it be to drive or tramp, to walk to the top of a hill and look out into the landscape and feel like we were the only ones there.

Not being able to see another person, house, car… feeling like this was your own private haven.

I think we take it for granted when we have it, but it is the one thing that my husband and I always commented on when we travelled, especially in Europe. You really had to get right off the beaten track to get away from it all.

There are sooo many people!

So we got out and about on Sunday. We live about 12 minutes drive from Bethells Beach on the West Coast near Auckland and we were there every weekend in Summer. We love it.

exploring auckland exploring auckland

But we have only done the walk up the hill overlooking the beach twice and this was as part of Surf Club activities, when we took the kids up and over to O’Neil’s Beach for their surf life-saving.

Yesterday we kept walking…

exploring auckland exploring auckland

We didn’t have to go far, we only did a fraction of the Te Henga Walkway, but it was enough.

Enough to remind me of the beauty of this place.

I mean LOOK.AT.IT!

exploring auckland exploring auckland exploring auckland exploring auckland exploring auckland

There was sea mist climbing up the hills.

There was sunshine.

A fresh sea breeze.

It was beautiful.

It was a true kiwi landscape.

exploring auckland

Usually our youngest moans about having to walk in the forest… “I’m going to DIE!” “I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO tired!”

But he was having a ball.

We split up for the return trip. Hubby and youngest went back via the beach, having to fjord the river back to Bethells, while the bigger guy and I came back through the forest track.

Those tiny specks on the sand… that’s them.

exploring auckland

We had fun shouting “Cooeeeeeeeeee” down to the suckers having to cross that cold river.

We all came back with smiles on our faces.

It was just what we needed on a cold Sunday morning to blow the cobwebs out.

exploring auckland

Have you explored any new areas lately?
What do you love to do as a family?
Do you have a whinging Wally who makes getting out and about an arduous task?

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  1. Lisa says:

    We are always at either Bethells or Muriwai in the summer.. stick around for a good ol sunset then head home.
    I have a 2 whingy kids who drive me nuts at first and then get into it

  2. Zee says:

    Bethells is gorgeous! When I lived closer to the Waitaks (I’m now in central Auckland) I used to do a bushwalk at least three times a week. It was exhilarating physically and mentally.

    Now, the nice places I explore tend to be places that sell nice coffee – though I do make use of the parks in my area, my favourite being Cornwall Park.

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