Rainy Day Fabric Design With Kids

| June 17, 2015 | 1 Comment

I have a garage full of printing paraphernalia left over from my t-shirt printing days for my other business, Creative Current. I have good intentions and lots of creative ideas about what to do with it all but there never seems to be enough time.

One thing I have been promising the boys, who love a good craft project, is to get my fabric pens out so they can do some fabric design by drawing on fabric that I can then make it into something they can keep.

They are always drawing, we have boxes full of paper they have stolen from my printer to make books, so being able to draw on fabric, well they consider it a real treat!

So I had two projects in mind… some pillowcases and re-covering some old stools that have seen better days.

I needed was some fabric – I chose some plain white cotton I bought to make some duvet covers (another good intention!), some scissors, my fabric pens (we only had 3 colours – black, grey and green), my trusty sewing machine for the pillow cases and some spray paint and staple gun for the stools.

All I had to do was cut out the pieces of fabric and let the boys do their magic…

Fabric Design Fabric Design Fabric Design Once they had finished I had to iron their designs to set the ink.

To make the pillowcases I cut some old ones, so I could be lazy and use the pocket that holds the pillow, and simply sewed on the designs by following the line of the old pillowcase. Voila!

The stools were a little more complicated, but not much!

This what they looked like, on the left below, before I started. So I unscrewed them from the legs and then spray painted them yellow.

Fabric Design I didn’t even take the scunghy old vinyl off, I just stapled on my fabric and gave it a good dose of scotchguard.

Fabric Design And here is the finished product!

Fabric Design So it is no master piece but the kids got a kick out of it and now I don’t have to look at the ugly old stools we got second hand 10 years ago!

What craft projects have you done with your kids?
School holidays are coming up so we’d love you to share!



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  1. Maria Boyd says:

    my daughter and I made soap last week from a Seedling kit, she loved doing that.

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