Floradix Iron Tonic by Red Seal

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Floradix Iron Tonic by Red Seal



Since my last pregnancy I have been feeling very run down and tired … oh, I can’t explain the tiredness.  I am in bed most nights by about 8pm as I just can’t seem to carry on which isn’t like me.  I am up early and with three little boys and a few part time jobs I am on the go all day long but I used to have more energy.  I had very low iron levels when I was last pregnant and was receiving iron injections every week but since having the baby I hadn’t really thought about my iron levels.

Along comes Floradix into my life and with just a week in, I already feel much more alive and have made it to 10pm some nights! I have also noticed that when I do sleep, it is a much deeper sleep than I have been having.  YAY!  Looking forward to seeing the results once I get my iron levels back up to normal and because this is a liquid, it absorbs so much faster, hence results already for me.

Well worth giving this one a go if you are pregnant or breastfeeding like me, or if you are just feeling a bit low on energy.

Visit www.redseal.co.nz or you can get a bottle of this at most supermarkets

  • Provides nutritional iron.
  • Helps maintain vitality, fitness and health.
  • Made from fruit, vegetable and herbal extracts plus organic iron gluconate.
  • The combination of iron gluconate and yeast, B vitamins and Vitamin C gives Floradix one of the highest absorption rates for all forms of iron, reducing the quantity of iron required.
  • Because Floradix is a liquid, it is absorbed faster than a tablet.
  • Due to the high absorption rate of Floradix, very little unabsorbed iron enters into the intestinal tract, minimising issues with bowel regularity.
  • Floradix can be used by all ages and is particularly suited to women, including pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours.
  • Also available in gluten/yeast free formulation (Floravital) and in tablets.
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