Good Words & Bad Words

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Why are some words considered good, while others are bad?

Is it really a thing or just our perception? Do we just take on the beliefs of our parents? Does our perception of words change?

I swear a lot.

I say the F word frequently and openly and sometimes I say the C word, but more likely under my breathe or in private. Never in front of the kids. It is a subconscious act.

I don’t think I realised how much I used the F word until my 5 year old started using it. Always in the right context, but hearing it come out of my gorgeous boy, it sounds so much worse.

I struggle with telling him he can’t use that word, that he shouldn’t swear. Because I swear, so aren’t I being hypocritical? I don’t intend on stopping, it’s part of who I am! But I do understand that there are times when it is considered inappropriate. I wouldn’t swear in front of his teachers for instance and so neither should he. That is my lesson to him… so I say some people don’t like the word so he shouldn’t use it. That it’s really not a word for kids, just adults. IS that a cop out?

Did you know that there is actually research suggesting that “saying the F word or any other commonly used expletive can work to reduce physical pain.”

But what about other words? Like “poo” or “fart” or “bum” – can you tell I have boys??!!

To me these are just WORDS, to say they are bad words just makes little boys want to say them all the more, surely?

In our family we use all these words frequently. Farts happen A LOT, they are the cause of a lot of humour after all! And to poo, well that’s just a natural thing that happens, and when you poo, you are reminded to “wipe your bum!”

My sister doesn’t like her kids to use the words “fart” or “bum”, but that just seems to make them want to chant it! Forbidden fruit and all that…

On the weekend a friend came round with his 5 year old daughter, we were doing some colouring in and my 5 year old asked for the poo colour… well she was horrified and looked to me for my reaction. Did I hear what he just said? Is he allowed to say that word?

I guess I was shocked that it was such a big deal to her. I asked what word she would use instead and she said “toilet” or she would make the “T” symbol with her hands. I said yes but my son wasn’t using “poo” in that context, he wanted the pencil that was the colour of poo and I said it was a very good description of that colour. She was not happy!

So it got me wondering. We are the ones who make some words more emotionally loaded than others. Aren’t they just sounds with meanings?

What words are off limits in your house?


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