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Angela is an AMAZING person whom I personally want to help make her dream come true.  Angela is always helping others.  She cooked meals for me when I was sick with severe morning sickness, she donates to fundraising projects that myself and others I know have worked on … she has such a kind and generous heart.  I know that she grooms dogs that have been mistreated and taken from unkind homes for nothing through her grooming business.  She really loves what she does and it would be so neat to see her and the rest of the team get to Barcelona …  Just $5 (or more) would be awesome!!  Read about Angela below …

Visit their PledgeMe page to donate now … and help make their dream come true!



My Name is Angela Anderson from Angels Grooming & Photography Studio.  I started dog grooming 13 years ago in 2000 as a way to bring balance to my life.  Doing something with animals, something creative, a business where we could start a family (by way of adoption) and a business where I could do some good in the community all pointed to something that seemed so obvious and so Angels Grooming was born.

At first, I worked from home, and later expanded into a commercial setting, but one thing has never changed… I love my job as much – or more now, than I ever did. I love the way every day is different and I spend my evenings learning more and more even though I have several years ago achieved my goal of being the North Islands first NDGANZ Master Groomer.  I was also the first Level one, and now the only level two Sasha Riess certified Poodle expert in New Zealand.

Five years ago I opened Angels Grooming Academy to help raise the standards of dog grooming in New Zealand.  It is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and in between courses, I spend a lot of time helping other groomers to either upskill, or organise their businesses better to help them stay in the industry they love.

Three years ago, I trialled for a place on the NZ Groomteam and I earned the position for terriers and in that time we won the first Trans Tasman Challenge against Australias Groomteam and the following year we travelled to Australia to compete also.

After the two year term was over, I trialled again for a position on the team and was again successful in obtaining the terrier position and we recently competed again against the Australian Groomteam in the Trans Tasman Challenge at the Groomalong Competition in Christchurch and I am please to say we won for a second time!

Due to the overwhelming support we received after that win, we have been encouraged by the Canadian judge Shaunna Bernadin to enter the World Groomteam Championships in Barcelona , Spain in October later this year, of which 17 countries are competing!

We are now trying so hard to raise enough money as well as putting a substantial amount of money in ourselves, but we need to get to a total of $33,000 and so we have started a donation area on  . The way the platform works, is that we nominate how much we would like to raise… in this case $10,000 and those wanting to pledge money to the cause log on with their credit card and the card is only debited if we reach our target.  Hopefully, if we don’t get to the target, our pledgers will still mail us a cheque as it is a rare chance we get to represent NZ against the rest of the world!

I have a fantastic team of ladies working for me at Angels Grooming and they are so supportive.  They will hold the fort while I am away competing in Spain, and the parlour is in good hands as it is my belief we have more qualified staff in our parlour than any other in New Zealand!  Matilda (from Holland) is a Master Groomer having passed her 4 year testing on multiple dogs and around a thousand theory questions.  Alena (from Russia) is sitting her final theory exam next week after passing all her practical and other theory over the years.  Debbie (a Kiwi born in South Africa) has passed her first year’s theory and practical exam in Poodles and even our part time staff Val has passed her practical exam in Terriers and Gundogs as well as her gundog theory.

Being in a position to help the community is probably the most rewarding part of my job though.  Especially with the Grooming Academy, where we can offer free grooms to people who would otherwise not be able to get it done or just to reward our existing customers.

Luckily this is an industry that you can work in for a very long time and one of my mentors is in her 70’s and is planning on competing with us in Spain in the individuals section!  That leaves me with 20-30 years of the best job in the world to look forward to.

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