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This is a sponsored post for Hubbards

The new range from Hubbards is out now – Hot OR Cold Muesli.  I can’t say I have ever tried heating up my muesli … have you?  I usually am a, dump on a heap of yoghurt and that is me, type of muesli eater.

When I got asked to give this a go, I thought I would get a little bit adventurous … why not!  I mean just trying hot muesli is out there for me!  Why have I not thought of it before?  So much easier than making porridge!

There are three yummy flavours to choose from:

  • Ancient Grains & Coconut
  • Blueberry & Cranberry
  • Date & Maple


I LOVE coconut so my first choice was the Ancient Grains & Coconut.  I did my usual and added yoghurt.  This time though I also added banana, a heap of chia seed and splashed out and drizzled a bit of maple syrup too!  Yummo!  What would you have added?



This seemed very odd to me … heat up my muesli … weird!  I gave it a go though and I was really surprised, in a good way!  I picked the Blueberry & Cranberry pack this time, added some milk and heated in the microwave for 90 seconds.  While that was heating, I popped some frozen raspberries into a pot, heated with a little icing sugar.  I poured this over my warm muesli.  It reminded me a lot of porridge but with a pack load of flavour and a lot less hassle!


Either way you choose to enjoy it, hot or cold, it’s amazing!  It is a quick and delicious option for breakfast that you can change up by adding different extras.  The sugar content is less than 13g per 100g, leaving room for you, if desired, to sweeten to your own taste.

What would you add?

The amazing range is available now at supermarkets for just RRP $6.49 – wow!

Hubbards are giving you a chance to win Breakfast for a Year!  Make sure you are part of their Facebook page or Instagram to find out how to be in to win … links below.

Hubbards Facebook

Hubbards Instagram


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