Jamie’s Room…. Style That Will Grow With Him.

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We will be reorganising our living arrangements in the coming weeks, which means my nearly 7 year old son will be very lucky to get his own small room.  It’s a great wee space, with white walls – so a wonderful blank canvas.  This will be my first opportunity to really style a space from scratch, and I want to make it awesome for my boy!

style that will grow with my boy

The problem I have always had with ‘boys’ products, is that I rarely like the colour palettes (too much orange, brown, navy and green), and ‘themes’ (too many trucks, trains and bulldozers!).  My son has his own style and personality.  He’s a cheeky boy, super clever, loves watching music videos, dancing like a lunatic, hanging with his cousins, and I’m getting a hint of design love from him also, he builds the most amazing structures from almost anything – oh and did I mention the mohawk/mullet I can’t talk him into letting me shave off (thanks to his awesome, but aging punk/skater father vicariously living through him *facepalm*)!  So with my son’s lively, quirky personality in mind, I wanted to create a mood board to kick things off – I’m terrible for jumping straight in without a plan – not this time though!

I wanted a space that is fun, and veers away from conventional ‘boy’s colour palettes’.  My son’s favourite colour is purple – so he chose an awesome skateboard deck from The Good Room, which was predominantly purple and yellow, which will feature in his room as wall art – and we drew our inspiration for the rest of the room from there.

This is by no means the final product, there are many sentimental items that will have to fit in here too, and tonnes of books.  I know my son would love to frame some comic book covers as wall art, which will also be included.  So this is just our guide.  I wanted the room to have staying power style wise, I didn’t want a space that would feel too childish for Jamie in a few years time, but a room that can change and evolve as he will, and I feel that this will work for him.

So here it is – Jamie’s Room – The Moodboard, featuring some fabulous products, from some of my favourite online stores!  Links to all the products featured below.  You can also pin individual products from here, via my Pinterest board HERE, which contains a few more awesome products not feature in this post.


Products featured:

1. Far Out Bunting $33NZD – from Matchbox Studios.

2. Yellow Cross Metal Wall Cabinet $99NZD – from Collected by Leeann Yare.

3. Violet Moroccan Leather Pouf $199.90NZD – from LET LIV.

4. 1 x 2m Cotton Striped Floor Rug $139.90NZD – from LET LIV.

5. Station Alarm Clock by Karlsson $39.90NZD – from LET LIV.

6. Yellow Velvet Vintage Inspired Round Cushion $99NZD – from Collected by Leeann Yare.

7. Expedition One – E – Series Angelides Skateboard Deck $99NZD – from The Good Room.

8. Super Soft Velvet Channel Quilted Throw $288NZD – from GORGI.

9. ‘Hello’ Cushion $75NZD – from LornaLove.

10. Yellow Moose Jar – from Candi & Co.  (also available at the Collected retail store)

11.  Mocka Post Box 3 in White $109.95NZD – from Mocka.

12. 5m Felt Ball Garland $58.73NZD – from Felt Foxes on Etsy.

13. BMX Bike Print by Glenn Smith $45NZD – from Good Regards (The Good Room Homewares).


Do you have a ‘feature’ item that you could draw inspiration from, to style your child’s room?

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