Kindness is The New Cool

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How well do we really know what goes on behind closed doors, in other people’s lives?

How often do you judge others for their bad behaviour, for a single event? Are you really in a position to judge? Do you have all the facts?

Kindness is the new cool

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You witness a mother getting frustrated with her child’s constant questions, she is being hostile and detached…

Maybe she is the support for her mother/sister/best friend who is dying and she is emotionally exhausted.


A friend is a bit off when you bump into them at the supermarket…

Maybe she has just returned from the hospital after her husband’s suicide attempt.


A work colleague is slacking off and leaving early…

Maybe she has an appointment to check that lump that has been worrying her for a couple of weeks.


A waiter is absent minded and brings you the wrong drink…

Maybe his boss has taken his financial frustrations out on his staff.


There can be any number of reasons why people act a certain way in any given moment.

Maybe they are just rude, but maybe, most likely, they have secrets of their own.

Just like you.


Next time you are tempted to react, stop and think. Ask if they are OK, rather than judging.

Kindness is the new cool

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