Lazy Sunday

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Be in love with your life

Ever had one of those days when things just felt right? When you felt grateful for everything.

I think I just had one of those days… a lazy Sunday and I’m content.

It was a stunning Auckland day. The kind of day you wait all winter for.

After a breakfast of pancakes (a Sunday morning routine in our house), and football highlights, we headed out for a walk at Bethells Beach, a short 15 minute drive from home. We weren’t the only ones, it seemed half of Auckland was there to soak up the sun and we were the first to park in the overflow car park.

Bethells Beach bethells beach

Running along the beach kicking a ball is heaven for my football mad boys. I’m always astounded that they can run their little hearts out all the way along the beach and back. At the far left end we climbed up a little grassed bank for an early lunch of left over home made pizza and sandwiches. We had a giggle and a chat about what we could see and what was happening at school.

It was really lovely.

Then we headed back again, all the while oblivious to the fact my car key had fallen out of hubby’s backpack!!

We discovered this when we were back at the car. Usually we’d fight about who’s fault it was, but not this time. Hubby just headed back to our lunch spot, while the boys and I had another snack and waited. I wasn’t worried. I knew there was only that opportunity for the key to fall out, usually I’d stress out like a mad woman. I actually surprised myself!

About half an hour later he reappeared in the distance and gave me a double thumbs up. Key found!

When we got home the boys all disappeared into their different spaces. Hubby upstairs for an afternoon nap, the youngest to his Lego and our six year old, who has discovered the joy of reading, to his top bunk with his latest ‘chapter’ book. This is usually my cue to do the housework but nope, this time I took the bean bag out to the deck with my book and had at least 20 minutes of quiet before the boys sort me out.

one fine day

Soon giggles followed as they stole my phone and took multitudes of silly photos.

One fine day

After a while I headed back inside to do some baking for school lunches while Hubby headed out to plant this seasons potatoes. I get into a bit of a rut with school lunches, and end up just shoving stuff in to fill them up, so this was my attempt at being a bit more organised and not resorting to too much junk.

school lunches

We finished off the day with Hubby making some Muesli and getting started on dinner while I cleaned out the chook coop and chopped the wood to start the fire.

All in all an uneventful day, but a satisfying one.

We were content, everyone was is good spirits and we were enjoying each others company.

A winner in my books.

What did you get up to this fine sunny Sunday?

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