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Wife, mother, business woman and ‘Supreme Overlord’ …

… Louisa Currie is certainly someone to look up to.  Lou’s official title on her business card is ‘Supreme Overlord’, while her business partner Heidi’s description is ‘The Brains of the Outfit’ … they certainly possess a great sense of humor and I guess you need that when you run a business and put in the huge hours they do.  Belly Beyond was launched on Mothers Day in 2008 so is coming up 5 years old … well done ladies!

I wanted to interview Lou, as once upon a time she was my business competitor … rival … me vs them … LOL!  I love how things change when you change your perspective, or look at things from a different standpoint.  Lou works extremely hard, approximately 9 hours a day but more when Belly Beyond has some of it’s epic sales on.  The weekends are not a time to relax either … putting in about 4 hours each Saturday and Sunday.  I can totally relate to the workload of running that type of business, having done it myself for many years with young children.

To me, what I now see is a woman who is driven, who has a fabulous sense of humor, who is passionate, who is a wonderful mum, who doesn’t want second place, who will give anything a go, who will tell it like it is.  An inspirational woman … I think so (and by the sounds of it, I should be interviewing Heidi next)!

The Quick Fire Interview

1. What, who or where do you draw inspiration from?

My best mate who also happens to be my business partner, Heidi.  She is such a visionary and crazy talented in so many areas.  She actually inspires me to be a better person – which is such a cliche – but she’s naturally so bubbly and relates so well with people (the opposite of me then!) that she’s a great role model.

2. What person do you really rely on for support and encouragement in life?

Definitely my husband Rob.  He’s the first to give me a kick in the pants if I need one but also the first to offer congratulations on successes.  Apart from Heidi, he’s the only one who really knows the work that goes into the business and he does everything he can to ensure I get to do what I need to – whether that’s for work or time out.

3. What are you most grateful for?

I’m grateful for everything!  I’ve just had a tattoo done which says ‘Remarkable’ – it’s to remind me that everything around me, my husband, my children, my best friend, my business, are all extraordinary and to be grateful for them everyday.   Not having to set my alarm to get up and go and sit at someone else’s desk every day is something I am always grateful for.  The fact that two kids means I’m woken well before any alarm would go off is beside the point.

4. How would you describe yourself in five words?

1. Straight-up
2. Determined
3. Laconic
4. Quirky
5. Ever-so-slightly bonkers

5. What do you LOVE?

Great food – I love eating amazing food, pity I’m such a terrible cook.  Eating out is one of my all time favourite things to do.

Belly Beyond
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