Makeup Colour Theory

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The low down with Phoenix Renata

Isn’t colour theory something people did in the eighties?

No! Understanding how colour works is a very important part of makeup application. Too many people don’t take skin tone, eye or hair colour into account when choosing cosmetics or clothing, a mistake that can make you look washed out or appear older.

When you are carefully selective with colour choices in clothing hair and makeup, it can have a dramatic outcome – and it is as easy as one, two, three!


Find the undertone of your skin colour to determine what makeup shades will work best for you.
Cool undertones: porcelain, rosy, reddish-brown and ebony
Warm undertones: yellow, golden, pale peach, olive or dark olive brown
This can be a tricky one to pick, so often it’s helpful to see a makeup artist for the right advice.


Cool eye colours: blue, violet and grey
Warm eye colours: green, olive, hazel and brown


Some people don’t take enough advantage of their hair colour when it comes to makeup. Hair Warm hair colours have golden undertones and create the effect of sunlight hitting your hair; cool shades have no golden tones at all and neutral shades are a combination of both.

Now see below for the combination that will best suit your colouring!


Warm undertones, warm eye colour, dark brown hair: Go with flattering earthy shades across the eyes like Phoenix Chocolate Brown or Golden Bronze. Opt for red orange, peach and apricot shades like Phoenix Blush in Coral Sun and Phoenix Supergloss in Poppy on the lips.


Cool undertones, cool eye colour, caramel blonde hair: Try complimentary shades of blues, purple, grey and charcoal on the eyes, such as Phoenix Eye pigment in Royal Purple, Charcoal Grey and Turquoise. Stick to lipsticks in pinks and lilacs like Phoenix Matte in Charmed. Use a Phoenix Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder in Fiji to give warmth to the face.

heidi klum

Warm undertones, warm eye colour, blonde hair: Try Phoenix Liquid Eyeshadow in Constellation or shades of champagne and shimmery coral to bring out the eyes. Finish off with dark brown mascara instead of cool black for a softer look.


Warm undertones, warm eye colour, ash-blonde hair: Use brighter shades on lips to brighten this combination. In the Phoenix range there is no shortage of bold reds like Marilyn, Red Carpet or Curtain Call – alternatively try Phoenix Liquid Lipsticks in Electric Coral or Taffy Pink.

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Cool skin tone, warm eye colour, dark hair: This is an interesting combination that suits lots of colourways, so why not experiment? Make the eyes pop with shades of maroon and violet like Phoenix Powderliner in Midnight Orchid or Twilight, and coat with a coloured mascara such as Phoenix’s Navy Blue or Plum.

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Cool skin tone, warm eye colour, warm hair tone: With a pink-based skin tone, you can get away with wearing pale pinks and lilacs on your lips so make the most of it! Try Phoenix Luxury Gloss in Pale Petal or Phoenix Matte lipstick in Snob Appeal.

Do you have a makeup question for Phoenix? Comment below with your question and we’ll get Phoenix to answer it for you.

Phoenix RenataPhoenix Renata has been dedicated to working as a make-up artist and championing her own make-up brand, Phoenix Cosmetics, throughout New Zealand for 10 years.  |  Follow Phoenix on Facebook

Phoenix Renata

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