Moemoe Natural Wool Bedding & the Health Benefits

| April 21, 2015 | 88 Comments

We are all searching for a more healthy life for ourselves and our families.  I am certainly trying to reduce the amount of chemicals that my children are exposed to, as they are everywhere (chemicals, not my children).  So for me I love the option of healthy bedding and New Zealand Wool is a fabulous option. Moemoe_web Attributes of Wool

  • Wool regulates body temperature by creating a micro-climate in Summer and Winter
  • Wool provides a natural defence against dust mites
  • Wool is a natural fibre and naturally fire resistant
  • Wool is sustainable and biodegradable
  • Wool breathes which means it adapts to individual body temperatures

I recently discovered Moemoe, and their range of bedding from duvets to pillows, all made here in New Zealand.

At Moemoe, they know that sleep is vital for physical and mental well-being and are often asked for advice.  They recommend you choose the best bedding you can afford,as  you will have years of comfort and you will soon forget the initial cost.  They believe the best bedding you can buy is natural wool – after all, millions of sheep can’t be wrong!

  • Thermal imaging has been used to prove that natural fibre is best for keeping you ‘warm’ in the cold and ‘comfortably warm’ in warmer conditions which resulted in a better sleep
  • Wool bedding products have been proven to help you sleep better and reduce sleeplessness
  • Wool ‘breathes’ more naturally than synthetic products regulating body temperature
  • Wool bedding can help increase the duration of REM sleep where the sleeper is totally relaxed
  • The body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly and for longer


Want to win a pair of Moemoe Lavender Scented pillows?  Simply comment below to be in to win – competition ends 30th April 2015

COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED – Congratulations to Lara Morello!!

Competition is open to New Zealand and Australian residents only.  The winner will be announced on our Facebook page and they must contact us within seven days to claim their prize.  Good luck!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

Moemoe Duvets

Made in NZ using only natural wool and 100% japara cotton, Moemoe offer a range of weights and sizes to suit all seasons.  Our unique quilting system holds the wool in place to prevent the wool moving and creating ‘cold spots’.

Moemoe Underlays

Moemoe underlays come in a range of sizes to add instant warmth and comfort to your mattress.  Convenient elasticated corners easily attach your underlay to your mattress and hold it in place to prevent movement.

Duvet and Underlay Sizes

All Moemoe duvets and underlays come in a range of sizes from cot sized to Californian king.

Check out Moemoe over on their Facebook page or to purchase a duvet or pillows online at Harvey Norman


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Comments (88)

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  1. Fleur says:

    Wow, so great to see a range made in NZ, and I would love some lavender scented pillows 🙂

  2. Kelly Coley says:

    what awesome products with winter in the air !!!!

  3. Mandy Phipps-Green says:

    I bet the lavender scent would be beautiful for the bedroom.

  4. Rachel says:

    I love the sound of a good night sleep with the lavender pillows.

  5. Your stuff us awesome

  6. Rebecca says:

    Would love to try the lavender pillows for my boys, help to calm them to sleep

  7. hayley says:

    feels healthy just reading about the product..mmmm lavender pillows:)

  8. Judy Thomas says:

    I would love these!Such a great product and they help you to sleep better 🙂

  9. Erin K says:

    I love the idea of Lavendar scented pillows would definitely help me sleep 🙂 The duvets sound devine also!

  10. Kathryn C says:

    Oh these products sound amazing. Especially the lavender scented pillow 🙂

  11. Charmaine Willis-Croft says:

    This would be lovely

  12. maxine says:

    OMG my sister would sooo love to be the recipient of this giveaway she keeps taking my pillows home after a visit

  13. Tami G says:

    wow awesome as and would be bliss coming into the chilly nights

  14. Theresa TE whaiti says:

    Yes please I buy pillows and hubby steals them but doesn’t let me throw out old ones.

  15. Joanne Redgwell says:

    The Lavender Pillows would be lovely to win! Nice scent.

  16. Margretha vandijk says:

    I could imagine lots of blissful nights sleep on these xx

  17. Alisi says:

    Would love to win these please. Would help me to relax at the end of the day 🙂

  18. Charmaine says:

    As an oncall shift worker these would be so nice to win to help with that disturbed sleep.

  19. Anne Mansfield says:

    Would love to win this for hubby who has so much trouble sleeping.

  20. Tania says:

    Wow this sounds like heaven 🙂

  21. Marianna says:

    We could do with a little more sleep before baby arrives!


    With the lightness and warmth of wool and the lavender scent, there is a promise of a great night’s sleep every night.

  23. Jaimee Way says:

    Oh wow, a lavender scented pillow would be amazing!

  24. Heather Penman says:

    wow that is epic!!!!!! looks so warm!

  25. Wendy Hatton says:

    A lavender pillow sounds so relaxing. I’d love one just for me!

  26. caroline A'vard says:

    I need new pillows and awesome that Lavender is my favourite scent, so relaxing.

  27. Krystal bengston says:

    Love lavender! id love to sleep on one of these pillows ive always wanted one! Im sure my partner would enjoy one to 🙂

  28. Richard Gledhill says:

    Great pillows for a great nights sleep

  29. cleo sids says:

    Yes please, awesome prize.

  30. Alana says:

    Lavender is Relaxing, Soothing, Calming and a Natural Pain Reliever so they will help me Sleep!

  31. Kasey potter says:

    Love this range of products ! Gorgeous

  32. danielle ziegler says:

    Wow <3 totally in need for some new pillows and ones like these would be a treat 🙂 Xx

  33. Mr H says:

    These sound awesome..

  34. Vicki Olsen says:

    Pure wool is the absolute best – this is a lovely range of products.

  35. Lynne Krebs says:

    Love Lavender pillows and would be so happy to win this prize.

  36. Leanne Le Sueur says:

    I have never tried a lavender pillow, how beautiful it must be to sleep on. Would be lovely to win <3

  37. Julie D says:

    A peaceful sleep with the lavender scent!

  38. Sarah Kivi says:

    A good pillow is heaven!

  39. Michelle McKay says:

    Thank you to La Donna Moderna and Moemoe for this amazing competition to win a pair of Moemoe Lavender Scented pillows!
    I know first hand how amazing Lavender is , and the incredible therapeutic qualities it provides.
    I have some wonderful Lavender sheet spray and a gorgeous teddy from my partner which actually smells like Lavender- its great to cuddle on those bad nights, and when you’re feeling sad!!
    I have had a very emotional last 8 weeks with one of my best friends recently being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 43.. so young!! He has been diagnosed with cancer in the bladder, lungs, coxic, chest, throat, and now in the bloodstream and has been undergoing chemo and will possibly require having his bladder removed due to the fact the chemo hasn’t decreased the cancer in his bladder.
    He is a friend of mine for the last 20 years, and its so upsetting to see him have to go through this enormous fight. I haven’t been sleeping well at all as I’m so worried and sad, so my partner and my mum both bought me the lavender products and it really has worked… They really do benefit when you suffer insomnia and extreme anxiety! They have certainly helped me!!
    This is such a fabulous prize … so thank you for the opportunity! xoxox

  40. Amy says:

    Love that these are made in New Zealand and I would love to win these Moemoe Lavender Scented pillows

  41. Rebecca says:

    would so love to win this

  42. Kate Nisbet says:

    This would actually be a total God send because me and my partner are sleeping on these really old uncomfortable pillows that we got from my parents (so are second hand anyway!) and we constantly complain that we need new pillows so this would be FANTASTIC!! The lavender would also help too as I often get insomnia!

  43. Udette says:

    Wow these sound great with winter coming, would love to win them!

  44. Suzi c says:

    oh my gahhhhd I would love these! I’ve been looking into getting some new pillows and these look lovely x

  45. Sarah Blair says:

    This would be fantastic! I love Lavender the scent reminds me of my husband, he always picked lavender for me from the bush outside my house when we started dating

  46. Daina Gloyn says:

    These pillows sound gorgeous!

  47. Karla Byrnes says:

    Sounds lovely for a good night sleep

  48. Jess says:

    Would love to try one of these! Great they are made right here too 🙂

  49. Annette says:

    Wow, would love these, we have a beautiful baby boy who is 4 months old and likes to wake us numerous times during the night. Having lovely comfortable pillows would make getting back to sleep much easier.

  50. I love your website and facebook this pillow looks and smells heaven sent

  51. Rhiannon Young says:

    Love to be able to drift off with my head on a lavender cloud, I have insomnia & would have complete faith this wonder pillow would be the answer my bedtime prayers. Sure my sister would appreciate one too, Lotta insomnia in my family. 🙂

  52. Karley Johns says:

    Lavender……. how lovely & calming

  53. Debbie Snell says:

    Wow these would be amazing Thanks for the chance 🙂

  54. Katja says:

    Just recently heard about these. Would absolutely love to win one. Our pillows are definitely due for an upgrade!

  55. Anna Stone says:

    Pillows would be great! Would gift them to our daughters to help them sleep.

  56. Andrew Llewellyn says:

    This would be fantastic, lavender aids sleep apparently

  57. Leslie Whitehead says:

    Just what I need as sleep is beginning to get harder to get a good night’s sleep as with age and weight not helping

  58. Jasmine Robinson says:

    I need to try these! Sound amazing

  59. Melissa Rankin Barns Graham says:

    I have been to your page before as it is amazing, but would love the Lavender scented pillows.Great for my breathing difficulties

  60. Anna K says:

    These look absolutely gorgeous.

  61. Craig Kilpatrick says:

    Hi these lavender pillows look awesome id love to win and try out one of these as i suffer from asthma and think this would be great to see if it helps with my symptoms

  62. Kelie says:

    I would love to try a lavendar pillow.
    I might not wake up when the baby cries though, i would be too comfy.

  63. Heidi says:

    awesome product.awesome prize! Would love to own a pillow that is different to all the rest in my house, that way when it suddenly grows legs it would be easy to find!

  64. fiona says:

    would love to try for my partner as he has so much trouble sleeping at night, have been tempted to use a pillow on him

  65. Anna Valli says:

    Amazing giveaway. I love lavender. Would be heaven to win a lavender pillow.

  66. Karen Price says:

    What a treat these would be!

  67. Frances Anderson says:

    Would love to win these. Thanks for the opportunity!

  68. Lee says:

    It’s great to see awareness for products that are beneficial being made, and being sold in NZ. We spend so much time in our beds, it’s best to have products that are worth that little bit more, and benefit ourselves in the long run. We have just for the first time purchased new Egyptian cotton sheets and I have never slept in something as amazing. Would love to be able to have some gorgeous scented lavender pillows – hear so many remarkable things about lavender and helping people sleep. Fingers crossed – Thank you 🙂

  69. Gosh it would be fantastic to win a pair of these! My partner snores aomething terrible, I’m sure this would help with that!!
    Fingers crossed..

  70. nikki c says:

    Would love to win these. the kids would love these

  71. Barbara Haddock says:

    I would love to try these pillows, I am a very bad sleeper and feel that these could be the answer for me. Fingers crossed.

  72. Brenda Meech says:

    What a wonderful prize – apart from chocolate a good night’s sleep is what I really crave – yes please

  73. Nikki Pask says:

    I got excited when I read this today – we are looking for new pillows but they are never at the top of the priority list – thanks for the chance.

  74. Ck Smith says:

    great kiwi brand .. I would love some lavender scented pillows

  75. Edie Olivier says:

    Yes please, I’m looking to buy a new pillow so it’d be awesome to win this one!

  76. Tracey says:

    Ohhh new pillows would be fantastic.

  77. Matt Gallagher says:

    These would be great, I’m in desperate need of a great nights sleep! Would really like to try these!

  78. Clayton says:

    A good nights sleep – What dreams are made of!

  79. erin cooper says:

    Wonderful night of big fat ZZZsss for Mum and Baby

  80. katrina says:

    Lavender is sensation for relaxing, what a brilliant idea Moemoe sleeping on luxurious lavender scented pillows!

  81. Lara Morello says:

    I am so looking forward to sleeping through the night again, funny thing is my kids are but I am not, maybe this will help.

  82. Robyn King says:

    With several family members often finding it hard to get to sleep these lavender ones might just do the trick.

  83. Anita Erceg says:

    I honestly can’t recall the last time i woke up feeling refreshed. I work night shift so a good sleep is very important. Finding the right pillow is near impossible, would love to try out one of these please, and thank you.

  84. Darren says:

    These sound awesome!

  85. Karen Schwoerer says:

    Yes please! Would love one!

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