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The dream of many a young girl (and boy) is to own their own pony. It was certainly mine when I was a little tacker growing up in country Tasmania. But I was one of the lucky ones, I started learning to ride when I was five and between my Mum, sister and I we had 5 horses/ponies and regularly attended pony clubs and riding events.

My four-legged best friend Firecracker was just that, a real little firecracker and he brought me many years of joy, but it was also hard work and that is the clincher. As parents we can comprehend exactly how much work it is but for a little boy or girl dreaming of the magic of their very own pony, it is the furthest thing from their minds.

Over the Christmas break we ventured south to Wellington to stay with Granny and Grandad and also meet up with our European based cousins, one of which has a yearning to own his own pony. Mum and Dad have said “Maybe when you are 10” … thinking he’ll be interested in other things by then (he’s 6), but at the moment his interest is only getting stronger! So after a chance meeting with a local horse owner Granny and Aunty organised a family outing for all the kids, and to indulge the future rider.

Located at Pauatahanui, in Porirua, Wellington, Vera Williams runs a small scale pony riding operation and takes private groups for riding and grooming sessions. Snowflake (above) and Oscar were our lovely ponies for the day and with five kids under six, including four very noisy and boisterous boys, the ponies were extremely tolerant and calm. Not like my little Firecracker!

We started off with grooming and feeding Snowflake and Oscar some carrot and apple treats, while the kids got used to them and learnt a few pointers from Vera.

Then we moved onto the arena for some riding and a little circle work.

The kids all took turns on the ponies and Vera was happy to spend as much time as we wanted just soaking up the atmosphere. And did I mention what an absolute stunning day it was in Wellington!

Oscar was particularly happy to get his saddle off once we were all worn out.

But the tour didn’t stop there, the kids were then invited to toss some fresh hay to the horses and also to help collect the eggs from the chicken pen.

Vera made everyone feel right at home. I don’t think the future rider lost any enthusiasm for owning his own horse one day. But Vera has a solution to parents in the same situation. She leases out ponies to families who want to have the experience of owning their own pony but don’t want to over-commit. So if the kids decide it is all really too much like hard work then you are not stuck with a pony getting fatter in the back paddock. Win-win! But as an awesome fun day out you can’t really go wrong hanging out with these huggable lovlies.

We had a ball!

You can contact Vera William by email or phone: 021 791021 for more details.

(This is not a sponsored post, we just had a really great time!)
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