My 10 Favourite Wedding Trends of 2013

| June 27, 2013 | 3 Comments

by Jax from Paper + Lace

Hello beautiful people!

With Mother Nature’s harsh reminder of half a year gone by, I thought a post on my favourite trends of 2013 might be a little premature. But my love of Pinterest got the better of me, and assuming my favourites will remain exactly that, I give you 10 wedding trends that have rocked my year.

1. Sheer Delight

Sheer Delight

Sexy and sophisticated are two words rarely mentioned together when it comes to a gorgeous gown. But a hint of skin beneath a sheer fabric is the perfect way to achieve both, and it was love at first sight with the dresses above.

2. Plum, Burgundy & Maroon, Oh My

Plum Burdandy Maroon Oh My

To be completely honest, I am not sure that I know the difference between these three colours, but I do know they are holding their own in the wedding world. Having recently invested in a lippie inspired by the above, the look is perfect for a winter wedding, and manages to make white skin look fashionable. Hallelujah.

3. Less is More. The Table Setting

Less is More Table Setting

They say less is more. And when it comes to table settings I am definitely on the bandwagon. Simple place settings with a natural rustic feel have been huge in the wedding world for 2013. And it sure saves some mulah on table cloth hire!

4. Green with Envy

Green with Envy

Not traditionally a fan of the colour green, I was surprised to find myself pinning, and pining, over all things emerald. This oh so regal colour is definitely up there in the wedding world, and lends itself nicely to all things vintage.

5. Get Your Gloves On

Get Your Gloves On

A marching girl from 6 years old, gloves have always been a favourite of mine (behind lace up boots and epaulets!) Short, long, or lacy, wedding gloves have made a comeback, and are perfect for that 1950’s inspired dress. Sigh.

6. D.I Y


Those of you that follow my blog know that I am a little obsessed with d.i.y weddings. Gorgeous goodies that last beyond the big day really float my boat, and with all the incredible d.i.y tutorials out there, getting crafty is one of my favourite trends.

7. Boho Hair

Boho Hair

Brides are rocking bohemian hair right now, and teamed with a floral headpiece (d.i.y people!) , it is perfect for a less formal, more whimsical wedding.

8. Black, White & Gold Glitter

Black White and Gold Glitter

I have been day dreaming about this colour combo for a while now, and so It snuck it’s way into today’s list. The classic beauty of black and white goes perfectly with a little gold sparkle. Glamorous fun? I think so.

9. Birdcage Bride

Birdcage Bride

My love affair with the birdcage veil goes hand in hand with my obsession with gloves. Vintage chic, at it’s best. Tweet Tweet.

10. A Natural Bunch

A Natural Bunch

The lucky last is my recent appreciation for the more natural bouquet. With very little knowledge of flowers, I won’t even begin to guess the gorgeous varieties above; but the less structured, loosely bunched bouquets of 2013, are definitely my cup of tea.


All image credits can be found here.

What are your favourite wedding treads this year?

Jax from Paper + Lace is a kiwi born, world loving lass and her blog is the beginning of her journey to make weddings (especially for the New Zealand Bride) a whole heap easier! Paper + Lace showcases the cool, the quirky and the unashamedly beautiful and yes you got it… mostly wedding ideas that are actually for sale and vendors available to brides of Aotearoa.
Check out Paper + Lace here and her Facebook page here.

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    GORGEOUS Post!!!!!! x

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    Hello – Do you have any idea where the stunning green dress is from? Thanks

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