New Year 2014

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As we celebrate the start of a New Year … 2014 a list of dreams and aspirations fill our heads of what we would like to achieve this coming year.

All too often we make a huge list and many of us get to the end of the year and feel disheartened because we didn’t achieve what we set out at the start of the year.  It seems weird to me that we have to wait until the New Year to make a start on our dreams.  It seems crazy that all the hope and belief about making positive changes are transformed into feelings of guilt and failure.  I made up the below to try and give us all a break.  We can start change ANY day of the year!  If yesterday didn’t go as planned, it doesn’t matter, that day has gone.  Today is a new day that you can start with the same hope and enthusiasm as you feel today … New Years Day 2014.

Do we really need to give ourselves a time frame?  Isn’t it better to simply make a start towards our dreams, our goals.  If each day we made a small step before you know it your dreams will become a reality.  And don’t worry about the days that you “FAILED” to make any step forward.  Start each day a new!  Start each day looking forward, not back on what you didn’t do yesterday.


If only every day was like New Years Day

I wish you all the very best for this coming year … xxx Bex

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