OOB Flu-Buster – Review

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OOB Flu-Buster, using OOB Organic Blueberry Juice.


It’s that time of year again…. sniffles, colds, coughs, flu… ick.  But there are ways you can help boost your immunity, to reduce your chances of catching these nasties this winter.

The blueberry, nature’s powerhouse of goodness, is super-high in Vitamin C and has anti-viral properties that can help you fend off colds and flu.  Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants, which prevent cell damage and boost your immune system.

For a delicious flu- and cold-fighting drink, try this family favourite from OOB’s Shannon Auton.  I tried it this weekend, and it’s such a treat.  I’m a real fan of blueberries, and toasty warm drinks on a cold day, so was obviously looking forward to trying this wonderful recipe using OOB’s Organic Blueberry Juice, and this recipe does not disappoint.  And what’s better than enjoying a lovely warm drink, knowing that it’s amazingly good for your body, and helps to fend off those nasty colds, and flu?!  I’m SOLD!

OOB Flu-Buster Recipe:

– 1 cup OOB blueberry juice
– 2 teaspoons good quality runny honey
– A dash of grated fresh ginger
– A squeeze of lemon juice
Heat gently in a saucepan until the honey has melted, and serve.

OOB blueberry juice is available now from specialty food stores and online at oob.co.nz.  RRP $4.99.

While you’re on the OOB website, don’t forget to check out their other fabulous Organic products (especially the ice cream!!)

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  1. I love OOB products – haven’t seen their juices yet though. Will have to keep an eye out 🙂

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