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our food journey

I know I am not alone in this when I say my kids are fussy eaters.

They started out strong with a huge range of vegetables, lentils, meat etc. but over the years their list of likes is getting shorter and dislikes longer.

It is incredibly frustrating, and I admit to vowing pre-kids not to do it, that I have to cook separate meals each night in order for them to actually eat.

My husband is vegetarian and over the years we have built up A LOT of delicious go-to vegetarian meals, but the kids just won’t touch them. The only vegetables they will eat are potatoes, carrots, peas and corn, but not mixed together, and not home made chips or roast potatoes…

They will eat avocado, but not on it’s own, only if it is spread on a tortilla bread before they add their chicken.

They will only eat tomato if it comes from a bottle or is spread on a pizza. God forbid if you tried to put it on their plate in any other way…


So hubby came up with an idea of trying to expand their food repertoire:

Perry’s Eat Ethnic Night or PEE Night for short!

As you can imagine this appeals greatly to the minds of 5 and 7 year old boys.

The idea being that every 6 weeks we would take it in turns to choose a country and go out to dinner to a restaurant that served that ethnicity’s food.

As you can see from the title of this post, our eldest got to choose first and played it safe.

So last night off we went to our local La Porchetta.

our food journey

At this point I have to tell you that my husband and I are pizza snobs, having spent some time in the home of pizza, Naples in Italy, while living overseas. Every Saturday night for the last 15 odd years (when we are home) we have made pizza for dinner. We started off with pre-made bases, spread with tomato paste but over the years Hubby has perfected his home-made dough and pizza sauce and we make our favourites of Margarita (with added capers) and Fiorentina (spinach, olives and egg).

Yes the kids used to eat these once upon a time, until they rebelled against the greens and the onion in the sauce! Now they get a ham and cheese, with tomato paste, BUT they do insist Daddy’s pizza is THE.BEST.PIZZA.EVER.

On the way there the boys were excited as they think it’s a real treat to eat out and they were getting pizza, so double bonus. The youngest is a bit of a comedian and loudly stated:

“Wait until those Italy’s get a load of us!” **cue laughter**

Yes, wait indeed!

italian food

We arrived early at around 5.45pm and there was only two other tables occupied, so the waiter sat as right next to one of them, as you do!

This is what we ordered:

Garlic Bread
Pineapple Pizza without the pineapple for the youngest
The Porchetta – pork sausage with basil for the eldest – a BIG surprise for us that he was taking this seriously.
And for hubby and I to share: Margarita with extra olives and Antipasto Platter for two – bread, feta, tomato, a vege mix and cured meats (meat for me!)

italian food italian food italian food italian food

The small pizza’s were too much for the kids to finish, so we took home a doggie bag, but they did have room for some gelato, vanilla for one and mango for the other.

Cost was around $95 (including drinks totaling $25).

our food journey

The verdict?

Me: Well not the best pizza I have had, obviously!, but also not the worst. The cheese was bland so it didn’t really taste of anything, but I did enjoy the platter.

Hubby: Perhaps not the most authentic Italian experience, but that wasn’t really the point; rather it was great to see the boys get into the swing of things and enjoy a meal together as a family.

Eldest Child: I liked my ginger beer and the pizza was YUMMY!

Youngest Child: I give it 20 out of 8.

I’d say that was a success, and the kids behaviour was close to impeccable.

Stay tuned, next time… Japanese.

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