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In an effort to try and expand my childrens’ food repertoire, every 6 weeks (or so!), we take turns to choose a country and go out to dinner, to a restaurant that serves that ethnicity’s food. We call it Perry’s Eat Ethnic Night or PEE Night for short!


japanese food

It was the 5 years old turn to choose and he has a new found love of sushi… so Japanese was the clear choice. The 7 year old was NOT happy and in the days leading up to our night out he voiced that he was “absolutely dreading it!”

There were three possible choices close to us in Henderson, West Auckland but we settled on Asuka after reading a few reviews online and the fact it was conveniently near the train, for hubby to meet us there after work.

Japanese food

We arrived early-ish at 5.45pm and were the first in for dinner, but it didn’t take long for the other tables to fill up, and it was full by the time we left.

japanese food

A nice ambiance it had all the right things to make the experience as authentic as possible, considering the location. We started by ordering drinks… Asahi for hubby and I and “pink” lemonade for the kids *eye roll*.

Of course the 5 year old wanted “ALL OF THE SUSHI’S” but we compromised on the salmon only (he had leftovers for lunch the next day) and convinced him that the Gyoza (dumplings) would be delicious too.

He devoured most of both, but was not keen to try the wasabi, unlike the 7 year old who soon regretted his decision!

We also ordered the Combi Tempura (prawns, fish and veges), Teriyaki chicken skewers and Japanese Steak (the stone grill which also came with rice, salad and miso soup) to share, and Hubby being vegetarian ordered his favourites Seaweed Salad and Agadashi Tofu.

Much to our surprise the 7 year old tried most of the dishes (excluding the tofu and seaweed!) and declared the prawn tempura his favourite.

japanese food japanese food japanese food

And of course the kids finished off with a pudding of Tempura Banana and Vanilla Icecream, although the serves being so big Hubby and I were able to finish with a decent helping of banana too… YUM!

Cost was around $120 (including drinks).

The verdict?

Me: Delicious and servings were big. I had forgotten how much I love Japanese food.

Hubby: Another great night out with the family; the boys really got into it and a highlight was our oldest’s first encounter with wasabi!

Eldest Child: Better than Italian!

Youngest Child: My score is 60 out of 10! I just LOVE Sushis!

Another success! Behaviour was good, apart from the fascination with chop sticks and where they could be inserted.

Stay tuned, next time… Greek.

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  1. Andrea Craig says:

    What a neat idea – hoping to do this when our 9 month old is a bit older with her 4 and 7 year old sisters!

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