How to Practice Mindfulness

| November 6, 2013 | 3 Comments

I keep coming across this concept of mindfulness. Being in the present moment. Leaving all stress behind and being grateful for just being.

Mind Full or Mindful?

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The concept of Mindfulness is based in Buddhist practice. It is a meditation technique that focuses attention on breathing, sensations of the body and relaxation of the mind, with the primary focus being on one’s current physical state. It is seen to be so effective that it is now recognised by psychotherapists as a form of cognitive therapy.

As a busy mum (who isn’t right?) I struggle with making me-time a priority. Me always comes last, the first thing to be thrown out the window. Would you believe I haven’t sat in a hairdressers chair for over 15 months. Whenever I get “free” time or “quiet” time, I always end up cleaning the house, or catching up on work. Sad eh?

I know I am not alone. I attended a workshop recently called Household Tamer full to the brim with other busy Mums looking for a little order in their chaotic lives. The one blindingly obvious thing we all had in common… not enough ME-TIME!

Gratitude is also deeply rooted in the idea of mindfulness. Some people find it is easier to practice gratitude when they practice mindfulness.

So recently I have been through some pretty stressful times, but also have long noticed that I am just not as focused as I used to be, so I decided the other day to start being more mindful. On my child free work day (at home) I actually ate my lunch away from my desk. Shock horror!! I made my salad and sat on my deck in the sunshine.

As simple as that.

I made some time for me.

I sat in the sun.

I listened to the birds. I was chuffed to see two Tui’s doing aerial aerobatics and a Piwakawaka (Fantail) flitting about the Jacaranda tree. It has taken many years of my husband nurturing our native NZ garden to start seeing native birds hanging out here.

And you know what. I was grateful.

Grateful for my lovely garden.

Grateful to see a little Piwakawaka (a little mascot we often use for our family).

Grateful that I have an awesome husband who’s hard work made this possible. Not just for the garden, but for building the deck (with a little help from Dad) that I was sitting on!

Grateful for so many little things.

It was nice.

I need to do it more often.


This is the view from my deck, looking out over the trees.

More tips on how to practice mindfulness here.

Do you practice mindfulness or gratitude?

Kiwi Deck Days

I’m joining in with Parents Online NZ Deck Days 

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  1. Bex says:

    I was taught mindfulness techniques many years ago whilst battling with Borderline Personality Disorder and it is indeed a very powerful tool and helped me change my life around to one that was “worth living” … great post Nicky!

  2. Vegemitevix says:

    Yup I’m working on this too at the moment, though trying to calm my thoughts is a little like trying to train chickens to roller skate. What’s a piwakawaka?

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