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I have a very talented and creative friend who has just started a Facebook page called The Secret Fairy Directory.

Sparking the imaginations of little people everywhere. I just love this idea and have already made three little doors that we will place up around the Waitakere Township area in Auckland, New Zealand.

Here is the very first fairy door that Sarah’s children made.  Sarah and her family live in Tasmania and at #10 on their street, so they decided that it was only fitting that the fairy that lived at their house was 10a. This is located directly under their letterbox along their fence.


How to make a fairy door:

7 craft/popsicle sticks, a bead, paint and brush, PVA or craft glue, pen and an imagination Easy! Our doors were made by myself, my 9 year old daughter and her friend.


Join up the Facebook page and get involved.  My boys didn’t at all think it was a ‘girly’ thing to do.  After all the TOOTH FAIRY needs to visit from time to time and now she has great access with our very first door situated on our front deck.

Get amongst it, spend some time with your children, let them take you away to other worlds like we used to when we were little.

This year I am determined to interact with my boys a whole lot more and so this little project has kickstarted us into more ‘play time’ as a family.


The blue door and the red & yellow doors were lovingly made by my four year old Ollie.

Fairydoor3 Fairydoor4


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