What Makes You Sweat?

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This is a sponsored post for NIVEA.

Let me tell you a story…

Living away from home (Australia) where all my family and the majority of my friends live you can imagine that I try to head there as often as possible, and as often as finances will allow. I haven’t lived in Australia since 2000, when I left to go on my OE (overseas experience) and followed my then boyfriend, now husband, to the UK. Since then I have traveled home at least once a year to catch up with everyone.

Since moving to New Zealand in 2004 sometimes I managed the trip twice a year, sometimes with hubby, sometimes alone, and it was a relatively stress free experience.

That was until I had kids.

Then traveling moved up into a whole new experience.

We’ve all been there, right? If you have kids you know what I mean.


Don't let them fool you, traveling with these two requires a tanker load of patience.

The stuff… ALL.OF.THE.STUFF that you think you can’t possibly do without because your kid might need it. The snacks, the spare clothes, the nappies, wipes, creams…. the toys, the books because GOD FORBID your child cries, has a tantrum or runs around disturbing ALL.OFF.THE.PEOPLE!

Once I had kids I started traveling home on my own, without the husband, usually because he was away for work anyway which made for a good excuse to get out of dodge.

With one child it was OK, he was a good baby and would mostly sleep. His first flight was when he was 6 weeks old and apart from vomiting all over me as we taxied down the run way after landing in Tasmania it was all sweet.

But when my second was born and my first had only just turned two years old, well that’s when the fun began. I was taking Ash (the baby) home for the big meet and greet and had bought myself one of those kid leashes (!) that attached to my wrist and Leo’s wrist. It was kind of like a bungy cord linking us together, and WOW the looks that I got! The complete disgust through to the knowing nods as by this stage my Leo was a runner.

And I don’t know if you have ever tried getting through security with kids but you have to take them out of their strollers, sometimes take the baby out of the sling/carrier, and if you have a laptop…. sheesh so many things to do with usually no help. Plus you are aware of all eyes on you, holding up the lane, comments about the hyper kid who is bouncing off you on his bungy… BUT at least you can look away from him while you get sorted, right?!

It is STRESSFUL people!


My handbag travel essentials

On this particular occasion I thought I was handling things quite well by the time it came to collect our bags at the other end. That was until my bouncy child tripped over his feet and face planted into the wheel of the trolley next to us. BLOOD.EVERYWHERE. and me trying desperately to calm him down with the limited movement of having my four month old asleep attached to my chest in a carrier. Boy did the crowd part quickly until we were left almost alone sitting in the middle of the floor. Finally a staff member handed me some tissues and thankfully it was only a blood nose.

That right there would have to go down as one of my most stressful moments EVER.

So when I’m stressed I sweat. Yep, and for a while there, when my youngest was about two, I think I had some hormonal issues going on because when I sweated it was particularly pungent. TMI!! I was very aware of it and very embarrassed wondering if others could “smell” me. My deodorant was just not cutting it.

On another particularly stressful trip home, my two were 2 and 4 and becoming firm besties (when they weren’t fighting) and they were being super naughty when it came to collect our bags, car seats, stroller, kitchen sink etc. 😉 I was right at breaking point, tired, emotional, stressed about getting out to the 5 minute layby where my sister was picking us up, and the boys were having fun. Fun at my expense! The kind of fun they think is hilarious because well they are having the time of their lives, all while Mummy is having a mental breakdown because they won’t do anything I ask.

I did what all good mothers would do. I said “Right that’s it, I’m outta here. You two are on your own!” and proceeded to make for the door.

They laughed. Little buggers!

I was lined up all ready to head out and then the staff got wind of what was going on. A firm word by someone in uniform and the boys were by my side quick smart.

I finally made it out to my sisters car and we weren’t five minutes on the motorway before she says “Is that smell you?”

Well I was mortified but trust my sister to not be shy in coming forward!!

It was on that trip that I came across NIVEA’s Stress Protect and it has been my go-to anti-perspirant ever since.

Now NIVEA have developed a Stress Protect ‘Clinical Strength’ version and they really understand stress sweating. Apparently we sweat differently when stressed, our bodies react by producing more sweat that triggers a stronger odour than when we exercise or experience heat, go figure! I am starting to understand more about how our bodies work, especially under stress from reading Dr Libby Weavers’s books, so this really rings true for me. Plus heavy sweating causes its own stress, and is a significant source of anxiety, which causes more stress and sweat.

And the circle continues!

Sample some for yourself – NIVEA Giveaway

If you want the chance to sample some NIVEA Stress Protect Clinical Strength for yourself I have 3 to giveaway. Simply like our Facebook post and comment below and tell us:

What makes you sweat?


Competition is open to New Zealand residents only.  Ends at 5pm on Sunday, 2 November 2014. Winner will be selected randomly and contacted by email and announced on our Facebook page.  

Competition Closed!

Our winners are Emma Kane, Sarah Blair and Jane. You have been emailed ladies!


More about NIVEA Stress Protect Clinical Strength:

NIVEA’s most advanced stress sweat fighting solution! NIVEA Stress Protect Clinical Strength is a quick dry formula with strong Stress Protect actives, 48h effective anti-perspirant protection & gentle NIVEA care.


NIVEA Stress Protect Clinical Strength protects in these ways:

  • Anti-perspirant: NIVEA’s highest concentration and most advanced anti-perspirant ingredients work for 48 hours to protect against thermal sweating and emotional sweating in stressful situations
  • Anti-bacterial and Stress Protect actives: uniquely formulated with a zinc complex to neutralise odour from stress sweating
  • Fresh scent: features a subtle and fresh scent

For more information go to the NIVEA website or follow them on the NIVEA Facebook page

*This is a sponsored post for NIVEA, but all opinions are my own.
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  1. Emma Kane says:

    Have liked. Would love to try this

  2. Sarah Blair says:

    Kids will do it to you every time, especially when they repeat things that you maybe shouldn’t have said…

  3. Jane says:

    facing the steps at work every day makes me sweat!

  4. An Bo says:

    This is great stuff, haven’t tried this version but would love to.

  5. Shani McLean says:

    As a busy Mum who does not drive, getting Mr 2 to Kindy is often a sweat raging task! He has decided he is far to cool for a pram so I am often carrying him, his bag and whatever he has decided to ride to kindy that day, whether it is a scooter, bike or skateboard!

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