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Live your best life with Red Seal’s new premium range of supplements

We all want premium health, so this year, the experts at Red Seal have been busy developing their all new range of premium products including Red Seal Krill Oil 500mg and Red Seal Magnesium Forte – two all new first-class products formulated with increased strength to support all-round natural health and assist with recovery from sport and exercise.
With Krill containing essential fatty acids and Magnesium Forte’s additional range of vitamins, both products are designed for easy absorption, helping to ensure their benefits are retained and utilised throughout the body for longer.  Red Seal know that we all strive to keep fit and healthy and they believe that through finding the correct balance and maintaining your health, you will have the energy and vitality to keep doing the things you love. Together with scientific research and naturopathic knowledge, let Red Seal’s new enhanced strength Krill Oil 500mg and Magnesium Forte help you to live your best life.

Red Seal Krill Oil 500mg – RRP $24.99


As New Zealander’s become more and more conscious of their health and what they are putting into their bodies, krill oil has recently become a top contender in the supplement market. Up to six times stronger than fish oil, Red Seal Krill Oil 500mg helps to support heart, brain, eye and cholesterol health. Recently, researchers have found that Krill may help with cholesterol control by improving the LDL/HDL* ratio within healthy
individuals. It may also relieve inflammation and stiffness associated with arthritis, helping to improve joint function and mobility within two weeks.

Found in our oceans, Krill harvest natural oil that contains Omega-3 fatty acids that are bound to phospholipids, resulting in greater bioavailability (more easily absorbed by the body compared to standard fish oil). Having met a series of environmental standards, Red Seal’s Krill Oil is gathered from the Antarctic Ocean and is free from mercury and other harmful contaminants. Naturally containing the potent antioxidant Astaxanthin, this new premium nutrient works to protect against free radicals, which can contribute to certain biological damage and chronic disease.

Red Seal Magnesium Forte – RRP $14.99

Red Seal Magnesium Forte

As the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, helping to keep our heart beating, New Zealander’s are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits from using magnesium products. Red Seal’s new premium Magnesium Forte is a high-strength product including four sources of magnesium plus co-factors vitamin B6, vitamin D3 and selenium for enhanced absorption, helping to keep our blood pressure healthy and our bones strong. Those
with high blood pressure can rest at ease when taking Magnesium Forte, as it there is no inclusion of potassium in this product.

As our bodies use up large amounts of magnesium on a daily basis, and with muscular pain and cramps requiring increased support, we need to restore our initial supplies – especially if we’re out hitting the pavement or putting in hard hours at the gym. Low levels of magnesium can cause additional lifestyle troubles including increased stress, irritability or even restless nights, but by taking just 1-2 capsules of Red Seal’s new complex magnesium capsules a day, emotional tension, fatigue and restless legs, can now quickly and gladly be put to bed.

Red Seal Magnesium – RRP $9.64


Red Seal Magnesium relaxes tight muscles, helps relieve muscular spasms, twitches, cramps and soreness, and reduces the symptoms of tension headaches and premenstrual tension. Magnesium is also an important nutrient for the cardiovascular system and regulates calcium absorption.

* Low/high-density lipoprotein

Available now at supermarkets nationwide. For stockists, please call (09) 828-0036
For more information on Red Seal products, please visit

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