The dress. My top 5 for under 2k.

| January 10, 2013 | 1 Comment

by Jax from Paper + Lace

Hello there beautiful people. Fancy the lovely ladies at La Donna Moderna asking me to guest post. Chuffed would be an understatement. Over the moon is probably more on the money. So here I am, and there you are, and here we go…

In a never ending quest to find gorgeous dresses for my beautiful readers, I have seen my fair share of the fabulous and the frightening when it comes to the perfect gown. From the over sized, bigger than life ‘my big fat gypsy wedding’ types to the sleek, silky and sexy, one thing is for sure… when it comes to finding that elusive ‘oh my god i love it dress’ it’s each to their own. My taste in dresses may not be what you have pasted in your wedding day scrapbook, but there is one thing most of us can agree on… and that my friends is the price.

Once upon a time I thought 2k was a little absurd, but having married in a $100 dress myself (not realising that it was majorly see through until I wore it in the bright and unforgiving Rarotongan sun) there is something to be said for spending a little more on that dress that makes your heart melt, and your knees go weak.

But there is a fine line. And for me 2k is it. And so without further adieu, I present to you 5 of my favies that fit the bill. Literally.

1. Sophia Dress from Grace Loves Lace
2. Begonia Wedding Gown II from Kelsey Genna
3. Clare Dress from Grace Loves Lace
4. Ann Lee Dress from Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek
5. Verona Gown from Kelsey Genna

Jax from Paper + Lace is a kiwi born, world loving lass and her blog is the beginning of her journey to make weddings (especially for the New Zealand Bride) a whole heap easier! Paper + Lace showcases the cool, the quirky and the unashamedly beautiful and yes you got it… mostly wedding ideas that are actually for sale and vendors available to brides of Aotearoa.
Check out Paper + Lace here and her Facebook page here.

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  1. Ceara says:

    I love the Clare dress from Grace loves Grace!!! But I also quite fancy the Verona Gown from Kelsey Genna! Thanks Jax for an awesome post 🙂

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