The Many uses for Ladders in Home Decor.

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I’m a little obsessed at the moment, I’m seeing ladders used in so many different ways to decorate the home, or just used in a functional way – yet adding character at the same time.  I’ve put together some images showing the different uses for new, or re-purposed ladders in the home.  I hope you enjoy!  – Ceara x

Great for use as a hat, or coat rack.


Ladder used as a bookshelf (I’m using one for a bookshelf at the moment myself!!).


Functional Ladder, used from a kitchen to a loft.

Ladder used in the office, to hang papers, magazines, cards etc.

Ladder used for display purposes.

Another functional use, for bunk beds.

Can be used in place of a wardrobe, to hang children’s clothes, either for functional use, or adding texture, and colour to the room.

For dinner parties, or even weddings, you can use a Ladder and hang images, and decorations.

Ladders are perfect to hang up your heels!  Great way to display your fancy ones as well (if you own any, I don’t!)

Ladders can simply be used as visually interesting decor.

Great in the bedroom to hang accessories, like scarves and bags also.

A ladder laying diagonally is also great for storing or displaying toys, and as you can see this one also doubles as a clothes rack/wardrobe in a kids room.


Stores that stock ladders for display:


Interior Design Online

Furniture Road



 If you know of any other stores that sell ladders for interior design purpose – please let me know and I will add them here.  Contact me on

I hope you enjoyed my post, for images sources, links, and more great ideas on how uses for ladders in home decor, please check out our Pinterest Board,  Ladders in Home Decor HERE.  Have you got Ladders in your home?  Are they for functional use, or decor, and display, or all of the above :)?  Which is your favourite image from above?

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