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| August 11, 2013 | 2 Comments - This one time at Blog Camp...

Last weekend I attended the first Parents Online New Zealand Blog Camp in Auckland hosted by the lovely Vicki Jeffels of Vegemite Vix fame. It was a small group but it was an awesome opportunity to meet some very interesting people all who wanted to make the most of this writing a blog lark.

I’ve been wanting to find out more about the big bad world of blogging, you know the behind the scenes stuff and meet some like minded people for a while. So I saw this as a great opportunity and if what is happening overseas is anything to go by, then NZ won’t be far behind in bloggers being a genuine way for brands to reach target audiences.

It really was quite fascinating.

Some highlights were:

Tips on great blog design from Great Fun 4 Kids

Vicki Jeffels taking about how bloggers can work with brands.

@lawgeekNZ’s very own Rick Shera giving a little insight into the laws of copyright and the web.

We also got a goody bag which included, well, lots of goodies! Little Bellies biscuits, consultations with Digital Discussions and Go-To-Girl, amongst other things.

Plus amazing prizes (that sadly I didn’t win!) like the pampering from Rose & Thorne for you and 9 of your bestest buddies, which included a fitting and free bra! Jealous much.

There is a similar event coming up in Wellington soon and another one planned for Auckland in the near future. So if you are interested in taking your blog to the next level these really are the go-to events. I feel like I came away with so much invaluable information.

And the bonus? I met some really nice girls. So if you are a blog reader go and follow these guys…

If Only They Had Told Me

All In The Daze

The Best Nest

Jogging Pants Must Die

South Sea Island Home

The Simple Life

Vegemite Vix

To Find A Silver Lining


***Not a sponsored post! It was just a great day.


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  1. Vegemitevix says:

    So pleased you got so much out of it! Vix x

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