Turning 40 – My Life Lessons

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What have I done with my life? Where has the time gone?

Yep they are cliches but I am finding that I am asking myself these or similar questions a lot lately. Why? Can you guess? Yep I just turned 40! Ouch.

It seems like my 30s have been a blur… a whirlwind of moving to New Zealand from the UK, buying our first home, years of renovating, selling and buying a new home, moving, new jobs, starting a business… not to mention growing two humans! What a miracle that is.

In reality there have been a lot of lessons learnt, a lot of growing both mentally and physically (including my waistline!) and a hell of a lot of good AND bad times. You usually only read about the good times here, but believe me there have been bad times. See not perfect!

Age wise I feel locked in at 20 most of the time… then I stop, look around and go “How the hell did that happen?!” “Why don’t I feel like a grown-up?” I just go through the motions of the day, the week and before I know it another year has gone by, and now my baby is about to start school… Holy Sh*t!

So I sat down and decided I would try and come up with 40 things I have learnt in those 40 years. It reads like an Inspiration board on Pinterest, but these are my lessons. Okay! Right, read on…

40 Life Lessons

1. Honesty is the best policy.

2. Learn to say NO. This is hard for me but I am learning that by always saying yes doesn’t make people like me more. It just disappoints them when I can’t deliver!

3. There are places I want to go to that I will never see.

4. Family comes first. ALWAYS.


5. If it is not important, let it go.

6. Every illness or twinge and you wonder if this is the beginning of the end. *violins*

7. Fashion comes and goes, then comes around again.

8. Everything in moderation.

9. You will never feel the age you are. As I said I’m stuck somewhere around 20, until my bones start to ache 😉

10. Txt spk is infuriating. YKWIM.

11. I will never wear a bikini again. I should have made the most of bikinis pre-kids. How young and stupid I was!

12. Life is precious. Hold on tight.

13. Learn to love yourself. Be happy in your own skin… I’m not quite there but learning every day. See number 11.

14. Educate yourself on what you put in your body. It really is important.

15. But…There is always room for icecream! Especially this guilt free one.

16. Always read books, real books. There is no substitute.

17. Haters gonna hate. It is usually about them and not you.

18. Get up and dance. Often.

19. Take the time to be silly once in a while.

20. Slow down and take a look around, you might be surprised by what you see.

21. Be kind ALWAYS, because it is the right thing to do, not because you might get something out of it.

22. Listen to your body.

23. Cut the people out of your life who make you feel like crap.

24. Friends will come and go, but the good ones will stand the test of time and distance.

friends2 FriendsA

25. Believe in yourself.

26. People will always surprise you. Good and bad.

27. It is just better to forgive and forget. Move forwards not backwards.

28. Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry”. Sometimes it’s hard but it is worth it.

29. Nobody is perfect. Let go of the guilt of not being everything to everyone. Your best is just that, YOUR BEST!

30. If someone offers you help. Take it!

31. It is OK to be the fun parent once in a while.

32. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love you get from your children.

33. The older you get the more things will droop and the harder it will be to make them not droop!

34. Always keep going. Small steps lead to big changes.

35. You can never have too many cuddles.

36. Talk about it. If you lose your shit with your kids or partner, once you cool down, explain why you acted like you did.

37. Sometimes when someone says you are fat and squishy it can be the best compliment made with pure love.

38. Families are hard work, but they can be worth the effort.


39. Be grateful. Living with gratitude will open up a whole new world.

40. You can never stop learning!

Phew! Are you still here?

I’d love to hear if you have anything to add?

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