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I don’t often turn on the news any more, as it isn’t the sort of thing that I want my children to see or hear usually.  Headline news usually goes something along the lines of … violence against women, violence against children, murders, wars raging across the Earth, people being executed, you know what I mean.


People say that the world is becoming more violent and fear for our children’s futures.  I have to disagree.  Yes, horrible things are happening all over the world but now we are all connected, we hear and we see.  We share these stories in a hope to make change or to reach out to others for help.

It wasn’t that long ago that families would go and watch people being hung for their crimes, that generally people didn’t give a second thought about animal rights or gave a crap about the welfare of children, but everywhere I look there seems to be someone standing and fighting for something.  Be it the SPCA people that fight for the rights of animals to have a life free from abuse and be treated with care and love here in New Zealand or huge international organisations like Greenpeace that fight to protect our Earth and those that share it with us.  Where I look, I see people doing wonderful things, like someone who decides to set up a Facebook page called Hand Me Ups that collect donations of quality new or used baby clothes for babies and unite them directly with mother’s who need a helping hand.

There are people everywhere trying to make the world a better place.  Amazing young people like Malala Yousafza, what an inspiration, a true heroine of mine, standing up for the rights of children to be educated, especially girls.

I believe we are on the verge of something really quite amazing.  I believe we are making big changes in our thinking.  That each of us can make an impact on the world, in all sorts of ways.

One big way I believe in helping to create a happy and peaceful planet, is respect for one another.  People say religion has a lot to answer for, but maybe it isn’t religion, maybe it is the belief of individuals, that their way of thinking is the ‘right’ way to think and that others MUST think the same or are somehow wrong in the way they live their life.

I have been thinking a lot about things lately and I am certainly not a well educated person in the areas of religion or history (I’m not really educated at all) but surely an average person like me can simply say … ‘I may not believe in your religion or way or life, as you may not believe in mine, but I respect you and will try my utmost not to disrespect your religion as much as I possibly can.  I will let you live your life, following the Gods that sing to your heart and I ask you do the same for me.  We can then stand united in peace with one another (#UnitedInPeace).  We will crush out those that force their views onto others using fear and violence, with love, words and standing together, united in peace.  We can support those that are suffering through tragic events from hate fuelled acts of terrorism and focus on not revenge but acts of kindness.

No matter your religion or way of life, if you are living a life filled with kindness and love then I think all the Gods will be happy. I guess just focus on your life and stop worrying about what others do with theirs. If we live a life respecting each other, the animals and the planet, then we really will find peace. It is possible … believe it!

My name is Bex. I live in New Zealand. I am a mother to three boys. I believe in manifesting our thoughts, in each of us being part of God and that everyone and everything is connected.  I stand #UnitedInPeace with all those that want to live a peaceful life filled with love and kindness, whatever they choose to believe.


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