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These are my absolute favourite socks!


Knee-high socks made in NZ from merino wool to help little feet and legs stay snuggly and warm.  If you have a baby you will know hard hard it is to keep their socks on with that lovely feet rub they do.  Lamington socks are the ONLY sock that I have found that will stay on.  The socks go right up to their knee, so not only are their little feet warm, but their legs are too.
The high quality design combines style and function with clever features like the size being knitted into each sock to help take the confusion out of sock sorting.  This is super clever, especially when you have the same colours in the house but different sizes.  Lamington have made it a breeze to sort them … thank you!
So not only are they warm and functional but how cool are they?  Awesome bright colours that kids love.  My six year old son went straight for the rainbow stripe pair!
Parents loved the socks so much they keep asking to make them for adults and so now they do …. YAY!!  Now we can also enjoy toasty warm feet this winter.
Key points about Lamington socks:
  • knee-high sock-ings™ that stay up and stay on
  • made in NZ with fine merino wool
  • little feet and legs stay snuggly and warm
  • bright, colourful, stylish and fun
  • sizes for newborns, kids and now adults

Visit www.lamington.co.nz to order some today!

socks-4 socks-6 socks-3 sockings

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