Wedding Day Hair – Tips and Trends

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by Miranda Likeman

When it comes to getting your hair done for your wedding, you can never do too much research to find the right stylist and salon.

Wedding Hair Photo by Daniel Gurton

Image: Daniel Gurton

“Everyone will have their own take on your wedding day hair and the hair of your bridesmaids,” says Amelia Rush, Director of Le Boutique Salon in Milford.

“It’s important to do your homework and find not only a stylist that you feel good about, but a salon that provides a sweet, refreshing and relaxing experience,” she says. Amelia opened her boutique salon on the North Shore of Auckland in mid-2011. A hairdresser, colourist and stylist since 2004, weddings are a major part of her business.

“As a bride to be, there’s a lot of excitement about getting your hair styled for your big day,” she says. “But there are a few things you should know in advance.” While she has seen many wedding hairstyles come and go, she is always learning new techniques and sharing knowledge.

Hair by Amelia Rush

Amelia working some magic.

Read on for her wedding day hair tips and the latest looks for perfect bridal hair.

What single hair product is most important for a bride to have on her wedding day?
A medium hold hairspray for sure, one that is not too tacky but strong enough to erase that sneaky flyaway. I always leave a mini hairspray for the girls to put in their day bag for photos and the reception.

Should a bride attempt a makeover style for her wedding day or keep her look the same?
Having experienced both scenarios, it all depends on your personality. Personally I love it when clients stick to an extra stunning version of the look they are used to, then they can feel comfortable.

Should a bride wash her hair the day of the wedding?
It all comes down to hair type and personal preference. I find finer hair needs to be freshly washed and blow waved on the morning, and thicker hair the day before, letting it dry naturally and not using any hair tongs or straighteners.

What else can a bride do to prepare her hair?
It’s always nice to have a fresh colour and trim; plus a treatment if you colour your hair coming up to your big day.  We want to make sure the hair is in good, healthy condition with the added shine, that looks good in photos of the honeymoon!

How much time does a bridal appointment take?
I always allow about one hour for a trial to make sure we can take our time and cover all the finer details and let you enjoy the experience.

What is one of the top trends right now for bridal style?
The soft, romantic, messy but tidy bun either centre or side; with soft tiny pieces flowing down and framing the face.

Wedding Hair Photo by Daniel Gurton

Image: Daniel Gurton

What inspires you in your bridal hair creations?
The beauty of how hair can look amazing. We all have the chance to create something spectacular that adds so much to the final look.

What kind of products do you recommend?
I work with EVO, Moroccan oil and Davines. I find with these products I can always find something that suits each specific hair type. I’m big on not using too much product, just one or two that fit perfectly with your hair type. As long as you’re adding protection so your hair stays healthy and beautiful.

What are some hair accessories that you use or suggest?
I love fresh flowers, they look and smell wonderful. Easy as well, just to ask your florist that is doing your bouquets to add a few buds of that desired flower with the stem wrapped in wire to place in the hair. Depending on your style, vintage combs look stunning too.

What is the best piece of advice you have for a bride to be?
Just relax and enjoy every moment. It is such a special and exciting part of life. Embrace it and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Can you accommodate an entire bridal party at the salon?
Absolutely, as long as I know numbers I set the salon up to accommodate each and every one.

Hair by Amelia Rush


You can contact Amelia by phone 09 489 7089 or email her here.
Plus start following her on the Le Boutique Salon Facebook page.

Le Boutique Salon
145/2 Kitchener Road, Milford, New Zealand

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