WIN A Chocolate Decadence Gift Set from Trees Please!

| March 11, 2013 | 99 Comments


Winner: Comment 5 – KELSEY FEISST.

Congratulations Kelsey, please email with your physical address, so we can get your gift sent out.  ENJOY!  From the girls at LDM, and the team at Trees Please!

This is a unique, and fabulous Easter gift for a friend or loved one, or something you could treat yourself with!  See below to find out how you could win yourself this awesome Chocolate Decadence Gift Set from TREES PLEASE!.  This gift set, worth $92.45 (inc. delivery), includes a Double Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Fudge Brownie, Mixed Truffles, and a gorgeous living baby tree …….  these chocolate delights won’t last long but your tree will! 

Tree options (subject to availability) are: Camellia, Kauri, Kowhai, Manuka, Olive, Pittosporum, Pohutakawa, Rewarewa and Sweet Bay.

Entry Details:

Simply pop onto the Trees Please! website HERE and have a look around – once you’ve done that, head back here, and comment below this post, naming your favourite product/gift set from the Trees Please! website.  Too easy!

Competition closes Sunday, 24th March at 5pm.  Winner will be announced on the website that evening.


Pssst….. if you don’t win, these gorgeous gifts sets are on special for a limited time for only $69.95!!

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Comments (99)

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  1. Rebecca Balmer says:

    I LOVE the gorgeous Dinosaur Gift Set for a new baby!!!

  2. Liz Milner says:

    I love the xmas tree and treats gift set

  3. Gemma Paaymans says:

    Oh this looks like a wonderful prize! I loved the Entertainer’s Delight Gift Set on the Gifts for Her section… since I adore being in the kitchen!

  4. cindy kane says:

    I love the add your own wine one 🙂 in fact they are all pretty awesome!

  5. Kelsey Feisst says:

    I love the Pukeko Gift Set. So NZ as well with the little Pukeko 🙂

  6. Sarah Blair says:

    I like the olive baby pamper gift box. It would be great for a new mum!!!

  7. Kristin Flanagan says:

    Pukeko Gift Set please!

  8. Rachel Peers says:

    Love the look of the Chocolate Decadence gift set

  9. Anita Marija Erceg says:

    I adore the Red Lid Gift Box – Flowering Trees.

  10. Daina says:

    It’s my anniversary tomorrow, perhaps someone could point my husband in the direction of the “You’re a star” gift pack for me lol 😉

  11. clare lund says:

    I love the giraffe gift set for babies!

  12. Kim Griffin says:

    Giraffe gift set

  13. Carly says:

    I love the treasures of the forest gift set. Great idea!

  14. Mitchell Smelth says:

    The Teddy Bear keepsake and Tree Gift would be such a lovely way to mark the arrival of a child into this world!

  15. Cara Thompson says:

    I love the Coffee & Cake Gift Set…that’s Mother’s Day sorted for my Mummy, she loves gardening & loves her coffee even more loll. :o) Great how there’s options so you can choose which tree you’d like too! O)

  16. samantha mahon says:

    entertainers delight gift set

  17. Claire Walkinshaw says:

    The Secateurs and Gloves, Gardener’s Gift Box would be welcomed by most people, great idea!

  18. Lidwine says:

    Never thought that a tree could be such a lovely present ! Citrus Superb Gardening Gift box sounds like the one !

  19. Tanya Wicht says:

    As a total choco-holic I have to choose this gift set (The Chocolate Decadence Gift Set) as my favourite, but there are many other fabulous gift sets there for all occasions!

  20. Derek Pulham says:

    Mothers Day Gifts the Pukeko Gift Set is realy Cool .

  21. Justine Riwai says:

    Pukeko gift set, i love pukeko’s 🙂

  22. Melanie Field says:

    I love the Christmas Bloom gift set. Such a festive time of the year and what a great reminde of it but to have a Kowhai tree growing all year round

  23. Anthony W says:

    Dinosaur Gift Set… very cool!

  24. Maurine Talpin says:

    LOVE the pukeko one! Gorgeous stuff!

  25. Rosie Orr says:

    Gardener’s Joy Gift Set

  26. Therese T says:

    I love the Teddy Bear keepsake and Tree Gift Set. The teddy bear is absolutely adorable and would be perfect for either a boy or girl. I especially love the idea of a tree gift that will grow with the baby, it is very innovative and unique! What better way to celebrate a new life! I think it would be a fabulous gift for any new mum.

  27. Lois Mallitte says:

    I totally love the Pacifica Pamper Gift Set Hope one of my kids sees this Lol

  28. Amanda Crane says:

    I love all the baby gift ideas, with just having a baby 3 months ago and a lot of my friends having babies too the gift sets are a great idea!

  29. Sophie Hollands says:

    Pukeko Gift Set is awesome!

  30. Chris Goyen says:

    I love the memorial tree section as it has always been a tradition in our family to plant a tree when someone passes over. I have long been a fan.

  31. Andrea Morgan says:

    Gardener’s Tote Gift Set, looks so neat. Can think of a few people who would love it. Such a nice idea!

  32. Kim Young says:

    What a wonderful idea. These gifts are perfect for someone who is really hard to buy for. I love the “Mothers Day” gift set.

  33. Jaimee Way says:

    You’re a Star Bloom and Tree Gift , all of them are gorgeous!

  34. Amy McKay says:

    love the Coffee and Cake Gift Set

  35. jodi-lee mclean says:

    I love the pukeko set 🙂

  36. Annette says:

    I love the Pukeko Gift Set!!

  37. bonnie phillips says:

    xmas tree n treats.. super cool! 😉

  38. Melissa Reynolds says:

    Love that you can give as a wedding gift, what a great idea! My favourites would be the Entertainers Delight 🙂

  39. Kris says:

    love the Pacifica Pamper Gift Set

  40. Therese B says:

    Weeelll, it would be incredibly hard to beat the “Chocolate Decadence Set” (sounds like my kind of heaven!!)….but, if I have to choose another one, it would definitely be “Body Care Giftset” 🙂

  41. Haylee says:

    Love the flowering tree gift sets what a cool idea!

  42. Erin Courtenay says:

    Olive Baby Pamper gift box – love these products for babies and the sock roses are super cute 🙂

  43. carolyn abraham says:

    gardeners joy gift set is for me

  44. amanda bull says:

    entertainers delight gift set. Looks wonderful and right up my alley

  45. Michelle West says:

    Great idea to give a tree as a new born gift love all of them!!! but as I have girls…. Baby Doll and Bouquet Gift Set

  46. Sarah says:

    Love the baby dinosaur gift set wish someone had sent me that one

  47. Kylie says:

    I like the bloomin lovely gift set, I like the idea of the baby gift sets too, especially for the parents that want to bury the placenta under a tree.

  48. miriam law says:

    olive baby pamper gift box

  49. Leslie whitehead says:

    I love the Pukeko one as Im mad about Pukekos.

  50. Bridget says:

    My little girl loves the baby doll and bouquet gift set

  51. letisha says:

    i love the entertainers delight gift set

  52. letisha says:

    love the entertainers delight gift set

  53. Kirstin Keene says:

    The giraffe giftset is just adorable!
    I want someone I know to have a baby so I can gift it to them!!

  54. Charmaine Willis-Croft says:

    The dinosaur gift set is pretty cute

  55. Sarah Bloomfield says:

    I love the olive baby pamper gift box, it is so adorable and cute

  56. paula hudson says:

    Baby Doll and Bouquet Gift Set.

  57. Cherie G says:

    I love the olive baby pamper gift box.

  58. lydia waaka says:

    i love the gift with love set

  59. lydia waaka says:

    lov all the sets all well pesented

  60. Tanya Ward says:

    Omgosh they’re all beautiful but the Baby gift sets and the Christmas Gifts are so awesome

  61. Wendy O says:

    I like the olive baby pamper gift box this would be great for my daughter who has just had a baby 🙂

  62. Kelly Armstrong says:

    We love the giraffe baby gift set – giraffes are a firm fave in our house!

  63. shelley warner says:

    the giraffe gift set is cute and what a neat idea

  64. Theresa te whaiti says:

    Wow what a cool site, added to my favourites.i liked the pukeko one but it was a hard choice

  65. Maria Boyd says:

    Love the Pukeko gift set

  66. Sarah Johnstone says:

    chocolate decadence gift set – yummo!

  67. Katherine T says:

    I love the Giraffe Gift Set for babies. What a neat idea for a present – it’s very unique. It would be a lovely gesture to plant the tree and watch it grow along with baby.

  68. Jacqui says:

    Gardeners joy giftpack is my favourite. I know people who would love to receive this.

  69. Kirsten says:

    Baby doll and bouquet pack is super cute!

  70. Raven says:

    Pacifica Pamper Gift Set sounds lovely.

  71. Helen Shields says:

    Lime tree gift box…..what a cool idea!!!!!

  72. Yvette says:

    So many great ideas but for me, the Chocolate Decadence Gift Box tops it them all (well who can resist a gorgeous native tree AND chocolate!)

  73. Anita says:

    It’s hard to choose, but I think the Chocolate Decadence Gift Set is my fav – with a house to do up the native tree would be perfect for our garden, and the chocolate goodies would give me the energy to renovate!

  74. Christine Dixon says:

    Gardener’s Tote Gift Set looks Awesome 🙂

  75. Karla Byrnes says:

    I love the Given With Love Gift Set

  76. Rebecca says:

    I like the ‘Bloomin Lovely Gift Set’ – something to enjoy now and something for later.

  77. Claire Lambert says:

    The Lime tree gift set would be fantastic!

  78. Bridget Owen says:

    I love the You’re a star Bloom and Tree Gift Set

  79. K Jaquiery says:

    I think I actually like the chocolate decadence one best (though all of them are great, and it’s the variety that is so nice too). I would choose a rewarewa or kowhai :^)

  80. Emily Strang says:

    Dino Bubba (dinosuar baby) pack, wish id found that a few years ago

  81. Tarn-lee Carly says:

    These are beautiful!!!!! Love!! I like the pukeko gift set and the gardener’s tote, with maybe a kowhai or pohutakawa.

  82. Maree says:

    LOVE! Entertainer’s Delight Gift Set is a winner xx

  83. Stepanka says:

    Baby Doll and Bouquet Gift Set – gorgeous!

  84. leanne lesueur says:

    Pukeko Gift Set – i love pukekos

  85. Emma J says:

    Love the Kauri Tree Gift Box – would love to get this for my mum to put in her garden for my grandma who passed away 5 years ago.

  86. Kasey pie says:

    I love the baby gift set. would love to have gotten that for my little one 🙂

  87. Belinda Whitehead says:

    So many choices, but the Pukeko Gift Set is one of my favourites.

  88. Erena Hodgkinson says:

    The Gardener’s Joy gift set looks awesome!

  89. Charica Roche says:

    I love the Bloomin Lovely Gift Set. This is a perfect gift to give to my future mother-in-law as I got engaged recently.

  90. Michelle says:

    The chocolate one is my fav, that brownie looks YUM!

  91. Tina Lyford says:

    I am loving the Entertainer’s Delight Gift Set ! I love to entertain, so this set would be perfect for me 🙂

  92. Olivia says:

    I love the Coffee and Cake Mother’s Day Gift set! Oh, and the Pukeko set too 🙂

  93. Sarah says:

    As a chocolate lover, it’d have to be the Chocolate Decadence Gift Set

  94. Tracy Fraser says:

    Giraffe Gift Set has to be my fave, so cute and cuddley. A giraffe’s everyones bestie 😉

  95. Megan Manning says:

    I REALLY like blooming lovely gift set. :))

  96. Andrea says:

    The dinosaur gift set looks awesome – something for the littlies and a tree to watch grow!

  97. Rachel Hamilton says:

    Chocolate decadance gift set… what can I say, I’m a sucker for chocolate!

  98. Emma Reynolds says:

    I’m a big fan of native trees so my favourite (though it was a close one) is the Rewarewa tree gift set

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