Win BLINC Mascara

| November 12, 2013 | 73 Comments

Win BLINC Mascara

Win New BLINC Mascara the world’s first mascara with with tube-forming technology.


I recently tried BLINC Mascara for the first time.  BLINC isn’t an oil-based paint like other mascaras.  So there’s no smudging, clumping, running or flaking, making it ideal for people with sensitive eyes (me!), and contact lens wearers.  BLINC is the first in the world to formulate a pioneering ‘tube’ mascara.  It forms tiny water resistant tubes around your lashes that simply wont budge – until you want to remove them, in which case you simply use warm water, and slide the tubes off.

This mascara does everything it claims, no smudging, it clearly defines each lash, and you can add extra layers if you want fuller looking lashes.  As easy as any other mascara to use, and far less messy to remove.  Although the directions suggest to use warm water to remove the ‘tubes’, I simply used a warm, wet flannel, and gently wiped my eyes, and it came off easily.  Now, don’t be alarmed!  It does look a little like you are wiping off your eyelashes, as the tubes come off whole, and look like an actual eyelash, but be assured, when I was finished cleaning the BLINC off – all my eyelashes were safe and sound!

NO MORE PANDA EYES!!  If you’d like to see the full range of BLINC products, you can order from Global Beauty HERE.


The lucky winner of a tube of BLINC mascara is…………..  ANNA COBLEY.  Congrats Anna, from all the team at LDM.  You have been emailed, so just reply with your postal details, and we’ll get your BLINC out to you as soon as we can!  Thanks to everyone who entered, more great comps to come, so stay tuned!!

If you would like to win yourself a tube of Blinc, simply comment below this post, and on our facebook post for this comp.  Also if you share our facebook post, you will get an extra entry.

Competition closes Monday 25th November, at 5pm.  One winner will be drawn at random.  Competition is open to NZ and Australian residents only.  You must be a liker of the LDM Facebook page to enter.

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Comments (73)

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  1. Kris says:

    Would love to try this

  2. Alexandra Holmes says:

    Yes please! I would love to win some for myself! 🙂

  3. Alexandra Holmes says:

    I have shared the competition on facebook 🙂

  4. kerry santillo says:

    Love to try, thank you have shared 🙂

  5. Tina Bothma says:

    Ooooo, this looks AMAZING!!!

  6. Tania Pearson says:

    This looks a bit interesting

  7. Aimee Wilson says:

    Yes please my mascara that i have got now is almost gone this would be awesome

  8. Catherine R says:

    Oh this looks fantastic, smudge proof but still comes off easily <3

  9. Adrienne Jones says:

    Yes Please! Blinc sounds like just what I need for my sensitive eyes..

  10. Brenda Meech says:

    Oooh yes please I love trying new mascara thank you

  11. JAMIE KIRK says:

    Looks amazing! would love to try 🙂

  12. Justine Riwai says:

    Would love to try this xx

  13. deb hill says:

    really would love to try this mascara sounds amazing

  14. Andrea Hinrichsen says:

    I have not worn Mascara for years because of my sensitive eyes – I would love to try blinc and see and feel the difference!

  15. Melissa Reynolds says:

    I would love to try this, I am always hunting for the perfect mascara as I have to wear one. Thanks for the tip that when removing the tubes, it looks like your eyelashes are coming off hehe that would have given me a huge fright!

  16. Carolyn Mazzeo says:

    A non-smudging mascara – yes please!

  17. Theresa says:

    Sounds good

  18. Steph says:

    Would really love to try this! x

  19. Rachel Peers says:

    I would love to win!

  20. Catherine Wilson says:

    Got to be in to win!

  21. Karen Price says:

    No more panda eyes! Awesome! So hoping I’m lucky enough to win this!

  22. Clare Lund says:

    This stuff sounds awesome. Must try!

  23. Anna Cobley says:

    This looks like everything I have been looking for I cant wait to get my hands on some!

  24. Kerry Harris says:

    Wow, i am sick of panda eyes when i wash it off, would love to try this and see different it is

  25. Jolie says:

    Sounds interesting – I’m intrigued

  26. Kim says:

    This looks like a good alternative to lash extensions!

  27. Cindy C says:

    Yes please

  28. Claire L says:

    Sounds great! Would be stoked to win some and try it out

  29. Ck Smith says:

    looks great, no smudge

  30. Leslie Whitehead says:

    Would love to try this as I would love to accentuate my lashes.

  31. Anita E says:

    I am so tired of looking like a panda by days end, i would love to try this mascara and see if it really does live up to the hype 🙂

  32. Helen Shields says:

    Oooh yes please this would be awesome! !

  33. Frances says:

    Would really like to try this and see for myself.

  34. stacey smith says:

    I’d love to try some to see if my eyes don’t react to it 🙂

  35. Suzie Love says:

    Would be so happy to give this a go, I am still searching for the perfect mascara.

  36. Krystle says:

    I have heard so much about this, would love to try it!

  37. sophie addison says:

    I love my mascara,running low on my old one too…:)

  38. Janene Homan says:

    I would love to try this mascara

  39. Daina Gloyn says:

    Would love to try this!

  40. Karen Clarkson says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  41. Nalda says:

    Sounds too good to be true

  42. Jane M says:

    would love to try this xx

  43. Cathy Stone says:

    Ohh this sounds great, my eyelashes would love some pampering.

  44. Gemma says:

    Would love to win this – I’d love fab peepers for xmas!

  45. Amber Johnson says:

    This. Sounds. Ahhmazing!

  46. Kim O says:

    Would love to wear mascara that actually 1- stayed on and 2 – didn’t leave me with big black panda eyes after only an hour or so.

  47. Theresa Pieterse says:

    would love a new mascara to try 🙂

  48. laureth says:

    love to try this mascara

  49. Amy Ross says:

    This mascara sounds amazing – especially to someone like me who gets sick of trying to smear/wipe mascara off before I jump into bed

  50. craig kilpatrick says:

    Mmmmm my partner would love this

  51. sarah easterling says:

    yes please!!!

  52. Wilma says:

    Sounds too good to be true…. Want one!!!!!

  53. Melissa Jones says:

    Blinc isn’t an oil-based paint which sounds great. Love to win one 🙂

  54. Cheri Jordan says:

    awesome! thanks for the opportunity

  55. Maria says:

    Blind eyeliner is awesome so I’d love to try the mascara.

  56. Kelsey Feisst says:

    This Mascara looks amazing something that I definitely need.

  57. Cara Thompson says:

    Would love to try this, soounds excellent 🙂 Thanks!

  58. Laureth says:


  59. carole says:

    i gave up wearing mascara a few years ago,as i was never really satisfied with the product, however this looks amazing, i would love to win it and trial the product,yes please

  60. Sarah Blair says:

    I’d love to try this!!

  61. Sherri Hughes says:

    I would love to try this mascara! I have heard and read how wonderful it is and being a contact lense wearer, I really would like to find a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes. This sounds perfect!

  62. Anna K says:

    Haven’t seen this anywhere, would love to try it, or maybe would put it in a friends prezzie for Christmas.

  63. Michelle Andrews says:


  64. Belinda says:

    Don’t wear mascara, but wouldn’t mind trying when out at night.

  65. K Jaquiery says:

    Fingers crossed :^)

  66. Jo R says:

    Would love this Mascara. Mascara is my favourite make-up item I can’t do without.

  67. Julianne says:

    Yet to find the perfect mascara, so I would love to win this one.

  68. Georgina Leigh says:

    I’m desperately in need of new mascara, my 15 year old keeps stealing mine!!

  69. Danielle G says:

    this look like a great product! would love to try!

  70. Michelle West says:

    A Never ending mission to have no panda eyes 🙂

  71. Rhiannon Young says:

    Yes please

  72. Jessie Biddle says:

    please I`ve ran out.

  73. Katrina ensor says:

    Already using this mascara, absolutely love it

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