Are you a Star Wars Geek?

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Hands up if you secretly love Star Wars? (holds both hands up … with a sneaky grin)

I had seen the Star Wars movies before having children but now having three sons I have been saturated with the movies, the clone wars animated series, the light sabar toys, mini figures, helmets … the list goes on and on.  My two older boys have both been obsessed by Star Wars and so I in turn have become very familiar with the story line, the characters and so forth.  Openly now, I admit for a love of Star Wars and so I have put together some querky Star Wars gifts that you or someone you know may like too.

Star-Wars-Darth-Vader-Slippers-Mens-size-8-5-9-5-Medium-6522111-7 These Star Wars Men’s Slippers from Mighty Ape could turn anyone to the dark side … click here to purchase for just NZD$44.99


What about this Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag … found here

Star-Wars-R2-D2-Ceramic-Cookie-Jar-13536439-5 What about this Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Cookie Jar for just NZD$35!!  Want one?

Star-Wars-Jedi-Training-Ball-Alarm-Clock-9711292-7 What about this Star Wars Jedi Training Ball Alarm Clock?  You have to throw it to turn it off … awesome!  Just NZD$39.99

Star-Wars-Spyware-Voice-Changer-14657443-7 How about simply sounding like your favourite characters?  Darth Vader, General Grevious or Boba Fett … just NZD$34 … buy it here!


This one I love!  A Darth Vader Umbrella … brilliant.  Comes complete with a nylon carrying sleeve with adjustable shoulder strap


This is a fabulous gift for the man in your life that loves Star Wars … Star Wars Cufflinks – Stormtrooper Head


Love golf AND Star Wars?  Then this one is for you … Star Wars Golf Driver Cover – Yoda! Just NZD$26.99 … bargin!


What about this Star Wars Darth Vader Mimobot USB Flash Drive (4GB).  Loving how when you take the helmet off you get to see Anakin LOL!  Just NZD$22.99


Sushi anyone?  Need some chopsticks?  Star Wars Count Dooku Lightsaber Chopsticks anyone? NZD$24.99

Star-Wars-Pewter-Chess-Set-11679895-5 If you are total Star Wars fan and have a spare $849 … then this Star Wars Pewter Chess Set is for you!

poster-explosion-han-solo1 Loving the range of prints by Poster Explosion

I may have to do another post because there are just so many awesome Star Wars gifts to share!!

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