Borrowing from the Boys – Fall Trends

| April 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Miranda Likeman

Keeping up with the latest trends can be costly and at times, wasteful. We help you pick out those less fickle trends, in hope that at least two seasons worth of wear can be acquired now and save you money in the long run…

For many fashion conscious women, the biggest concern with the change of season is keeping up with the latest trends.  But as every well respected fashion designer will tell you, the best solution to an eternal, value-for-money wardrobe is to forget what is hot on the runway and go for the styles that suit your body shape and maintain the integrity of your personal style.

Thankfully this winter has continued to progress with at least one trend we have seen before – ‘borrowing from the boys’ has dominated runways and fashion magazines, with its clean cut silhouettes and minimalist aesthetics, it is simple sophistication that is guaranteed to permanently have a place in every woman’s closet.

Perfectly prim, proper, polished and classic silhouettes create a look of effortless style that any woman can achieve. Inspired by work wear, it is a trend that will empower as well as offer versatility and relevance across both everyday and formal occasions.

Be attracted to the classicism and practicality, don’t be held back by what you are wearing; go for comfort and ease, there is already so much in life to get on with.

It is perhaps the lack of complexity yet its perfect embodiment of elegance, strength and confidence that has seen this trend prevail. A woman with masculine power and feminine beauty is encapsulated in these sharp, impeccable silhouettes that are typically outerwear investment pieces’ including blazers, jackets, coats and pants. Menswear dominates across women’s winter wardrobe necessities, and it’s reassuring to know we are buying into a trend with timelessness at its core.

Skirts are a great way to add a touch of femininity to this masculine inspired trend. For that extra touch of female glamour try a fifties inspired A-line or flared skirt. If it is a casual look you prefer, create movement with a maxi skirt or dress layered under a blazer or structured pea coat.

Whatever garment abides your personal style go for a neutral colour palette including camel, brown, grey and black to ensure you are not limited with your styling options and choose an enduring cut that will sustain the test of time. Once you have the basics adding colourful and patterned accessories are an easy and cost effective way to update and change your look with these classic cut silhouettes.

1. Ralph Lauren via Along With Fair | 2. via Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy | 3. Max | 4. Jen Tam | 5. Akris Punto via Neiman Marcus  | 6. Belstaff via Neiman Marcus  | 7. Donna Karan via Neiman Marcus | 8. Dolce and Gabbana via The Daily Muse | 9. Jill Sander via Glamazon Diaries | 10. Coop | 11. Andrea Moore

Miranda Likeman has been every kind of journalist you could name. At present she writes mostly about fashion and beauty, subjects on which she has much experience, but not in a stuffy inaccessible way. She loves a bargain and making the affordable look expensive.

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