Cooking Dinner with Food Fatigue

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The day is slipping away and I look at the clock … 5 o’clock! Oh man, I totally forgot to take anything out of the freezer for dinner.  Right …. what to do?

First I head to the fridge and take out a bottle of my favourite Rekorderlig cider, open and have a few sips.  Thank goodness for alcohol to ease the pain in my head of trying to figure out what to cook tonight.


Next, open the pantry and stand there, waiting for a miracle, a three course healthy meal to appear before my eyes – didn’t appear, go back to my bottle of cider.

Wander around “doing stuff” but not actually getting anything done

Check Facebook

Realise it is now 5:30pm – shit!  What am I going to cook!

Go back to pantry and stand there waiting for inspiration to hit me in the face.  Finally figure out I have ingredients to make either toast or macaroni for dinner.

Finally decide I should be a half decent mother and cook macaroni.

Halfway into cooking, with three pans on the go, making cheese sauce, cooking pasta and frying bacon, my two year old decides to have a full blown tantrum between my legs.  He has this cool trick where he positions himself between the kitchen cupboards and my legs and simply pushes with all his force.  Awesome!

Turn everything off and deal with him, meaning, I try and find something that will distract him long enough so that I can finish cooking dinner.

Pull out another bag of uncooked pasta and let him play at the table with some bowls and spoons.  Toddler is now happy!

Right, back to it and finally I put the macaroni into the oven.  I so deserve another sip of cider for sure.

Toddler is still happy throwing macaroni all over the house so I decide to clean up all the pots and pans and pack the dishwasher, oh the good times I have at home.

Dishes all done, stand on macaroni pasta in  my bare feet – ouchie!  I realise then just the extent of the mess made by very happy toddler.  Macaroni is now EVERYWHERE!

Pull out vaccuum and start ‘cleaning up’ which upsets the toddler immensely who then starts screaming again.

Try to set the table with the toddler pulling at my clothing.

Place cooked dinner on the table.  Husband still not home – 6:30pm

Call the two older boys to the table and sit down to eat.  Take a couple of bites of my own dinner before all the boys ask for a drink of water and I realise I didn’t put out any cups.  Get up ‘..and fetch a pail of water’ – drinks served

Sit back down and try to eat another mouthful of my dinner.

Boys advise me they no longer like macaroni whilst the toddler throws his bowl at the wall.

Get up and tidy up most of his mess

Sit down and lecture the boys about how long it took me to make dinner and ask if they can at least try it.

They take a couple of bites and tell me they are full … great!

Toddler decides he doesn’t like his chair, plates or cutlery and would instead like to use mine, so climbs on me.

He then starts throwing handfuls of my dinner on the floor.

The older boys are sitting their looking really miserable, like I have totally ruined their lives and want this meal over with, so I tell them to go to bed because they are so ungrateful and children around the world are starving and would love the dinner I just cooked.  I also tell them that I will not be making anything else when they are hungry soon.

Take toddler to the bathroom and hose down.  Husband arrives home.

Husband grabs a plate and pours 1/3 of a bottle of tomato sauce over his dinner and asks me if I have finished mine

I then advise him that I have been trying to eat but haven’t managed to yet.  He carries on eating and leaves me to deal with toddler.

Head back to the dinner table and clear away the plates whilst eating the scraps that are now COLD!

Boys call out from their room that they are hungry and want some toast!

I pop some toast and finish my bottle of cider.

Another dinner done and dusted in the Lipp house.  Oh joy, i get to do this all over again tomorrow!


Do you have food fatigue like me at the moment?  Read about that here


Note: I don’t have a drinking problem and I do not drink every night.  Actually, most nights I cook a nutritious meal for my family without the aid of any alcohol

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