Keeping Toddler Busy with Cornflour Gloop

| May 18, 2015 | 1 Comment

I am not sure what this is really called, but Ollie’s special teacher told me about it on Saturday.  This is a great way to get new vocabulary from children as you can ask questions like, ‘what does it feel like?’ or ‘what does it look like?’


This is so simple and so much fun that even Chris and I were playing with it, with all the boys.

Only two ingredients required and I guess you can mix up the quantities to suit how much of the stuff you need.   I used:

1 cup of conditioner

2 cups of cornflour


I mixed it up then worked it a bit.  It was quite sticky so I simply added a little more cornflour and it seems to harden with time as well.  The more you work it, the more stretchy it becomes.

It is a cross between playdough, chalk and gloop.  It stretches out but will also snap in two, like chalk.  Very cool stuff, which I have popped into a container so I can pull out when the boys are bored.


Ollie’s teacher explained that she got her classroom of children to spend some time playing with it.  She then recorded each of them describing what they thought it was like and then used that for the next day of writing.  This really is a great way of using the senses and then expanded that through language.


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  1. Victoria says:

    You can make an even easier (and cheaper) gloop by mixing cornflour and water – add a drop of food colouring for colour!
    This recipe and other great recipes for messy / textural play can be found in the amazing Messy Play Book by Ako Books.
    My son features next to the recipe for cornflour gloop… We love it! Endless fun.

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