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Continuing our Blogger highlight, this week we have Mummy Blogger – All In The Daze…


Blogger: Lisa Stirling
Genre: Mummy/Lifestyle

All In The Daze

Tell us a little about your blog.
Allinthedaze is a parenting and lifestyle blog, it originally started out as quite personal space just for me – I took years to share with people in my everyday offline life that I blogged.  It has evolved into so much more then I anticipated it would be.  The online connections I have made have been really inspirational for me.  I love sharing my experiences and hearing from readers about there own insights.  We all have stories and I believe sharing them can be powerful.

What is the story behind how you came to be a blogger?
The first blog I ever read was Fatmumslim,  it was before she was super popular like she is now.  I really felt a connection with her because my baby never slept well either – I saw how well other people connected with her as well and thought “WOW I can do that!”
I have always had a love for writing and am a chronic over-sharer.  Perfect qualities for a blogger.

Where do you go or what do you do to get inspiration for your blog?
I get inspiration from everyday life, triumphs and struggles,  conversations with strangers (I always randomly talk to people?)  I am a bit of a dreamer, inspiration just hits me.
Instagram!  so many people far more talented and creative then me – it allows connections on a different level and I like that. 


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt and how has it shaped you?
Not to  be afraid to take risks or to get it wrong sometimes, my perceived successes and failures are equally valuable.

What one piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?
Everyone has to start somewhere  – overnight blog success stories are few and far between – slow and steady wins the race.

Name some of the bloggers that you look up to and why?
Leonie Barlow – The Style Insider
If you know her story (shes been the editor of huge magazines gave it all  away to have more time to be a present Mum for her boys, started a blog and is doing it her own way)  Having met her several times she is really down to earth and so encouraging of Bloggers and she is always at the ready with advice and  kind encouraging words

Rhonda Mason – The Shoe Makers Daughter
An amazing storyteller, with both words and images
she speaks about her experiences particularly with grief in such a raw articulate way. I think some could find it confronting and polarizing.  Me? I find it refreshing.

  All In The Daze

About You:

What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
It varies between the mediocrity of whats for dinner to thinking about the past or future –  how it’s shaped me and where it could take me. 

What song is your personal anthem?
Bon Jovi – It’s my life.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?
Roast lamb, veges and apple crumble – classic hearty Sunday meal.

In the movie of your life, who would play you?
Sara Remirez (Cailee Torez from Greys Anatomy)

Where is your happy place, and why?
My bed, its probably the only place my kids don’t often follow me.

How would you describe your personal style?
Versatile. I hate conforming to one style and I’m naturally attracted to various looks. I choose not to wear things that are restricting or that fit in a certain niche.

What is the last thing that made you say ‘wow’?
When they killed of Mcdreamy in Greys Anatomy – I am clearly a Superfan and am still cut up about it several weeks later!   I really didn’t think they would ever kill him off…how wrong was I?

What is your wish for the future?
Continued health and happiness and to travel with my family.

Follow Lisa here:

Website: www.allinthedaze.com
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