Food Fatigue – What’s happened to my cooking mojo?

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I’m not sure if it is just me, but lately I have lost all desire to cook, bake or basically handle food.  I do however have to, as I have three small children, and a poor husband who gets terribly treated when it comes to providing him with food.  Pancakes, scrambled eggs or even just toast have been served up as dinner in current weeks.  I seem to struggle with just coming up with a simple idea for dinner, let alone then having to buy the ingredients and then cook. Food fatigue maybe?  Sometimes I can’t even think what I want to eat … what is wrong with me?

I can actually cook, and used to make lovely meals every single night, but somehow I have lost my cooking mojo.  Am I just tired with lots of running around after little people?

Where are you cooking mojo?  My family misses you and so do I!


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Maybe my fatigue with food is simply because I am trying to come up a meal that everyone will eat.  I have still yet to discover one meal that pleases everyone.  Am I just too kind in wanting to please everyone?  Should I simply cook a meal and expect it to be eaten by all, whether they like it or not?

My autistic son has massive issues with food and I have found that forcing him to eat just doesn’t work.  By simply letting my children sample and decide what they like but at the same time educating them on what foods are good for the body and what foods will make their bodies sick, I feel is a far better way to go.  My eldest is now eight and will give most things a go and I think this is because I never made him eat a meal he didn’t like but simply asked him to at least try it.  We recently went to a Japanese restaurant and he tried fish eggs and octopus balls, he gave everything a go.

My husband, like my autistic son, is also a very fussy eater.  He HATES onions, tomatoes, grated carrots, mashed potatoes (he is coming around to my new ones with garlic and sour cream though), anything with mince beef and the list goes on.

Maybe I am thinking too much about it all and should simply cook what I like.

Do you get stuck making the same meals every week?  What are your favourite meals to eat?  What are your family’s favourite meals? Help me please get my cooking mojo back!  Or at least tell me I am not the only one who has food fatigue.

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