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Being generous is good for the soul but I have learned that you need to give because you want to, and not because you feel you have to.

You attract what you put out there into the world.  Giving makes me feel wonderful and hence I will attract wonderful things back into my life.  I make a point now to give whenever I can.

When a request for a donation comes through the mail, I will always donate.  I feel like it is a request from the Universe to give back, to create love and peace in the world.  It all starts from giving.

I have personally been giving for as long as I can remember.  I have sponsored two girls for over a decade through ChildFund NZ and I have seen the difference the money I donate can make.  I still sponsor these lovely girls and will do for many years to come.  I regularly donate to Greenpeace NZ and have actually increased what I give them as I feel passionate about the Earth and the timing feels right to engage my energies with this wonderful organization.

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But giving doesn’t always have to be about donated money.  It can be donating your time.  Fill in online petitions that sparks passion within you.  Donate your time to fund raise for a cause or spend your time with someone who would really appreciate it.

What ever you do, give from the heart.  There will always be people out there that no matter how much you give to, it will never be enough.  No matter what you do, you will get no thanks, you will receive complaints only when you no longer give.  I know giving shouldn’t be about receiving gratitude but I do believe it is about a positive flow of energy and that those that receive with gratitude pass on this positive energy into the world.  Giving should come from within you and it MUST feel right.

I no longer give my time or money unless it feels right in my heart and I recommend that you do too.  Be part of that positive flow of energy.  What you put out you will receive back.

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