Hemaview – What’s Going On, On The Inside?

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By Joanna Loveys BNatMed HbT MNZAMH

What is Hemaview?

Hemaview, is a form of live blood screening based on one of the oldest and most highly developed of medical sciences, hematology. It is a modality we offer at My Remedy Natural Medicine Clinic.

As a naturopath, I like to use this tool in clinic because I have found it to be an excellent tool to confirm and support my findings. It helps me to create a targeted health plan for patients.


Images taken before and after treatment protocol implementation.

So what does Hemaview do?

Hemaview is amazing because it lets you see exactly what’s going on on the inside. There’s no guesswork. You can see things like dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, liver toxicity, a leaky gut, and all the fat from the sausage roll you ate on the way to your appointment!

Time and time again, we hear how relieved people are to finally get an explanation for the way they have been feeling. It wasn’t just in their head. They have seen their blood and had the issues explained clearly to them, along with a plan to support their healing.

For example, if someone has a leaky gut (indicated by hyper secretory platelets), they may have an incredibly healthy diet, but the nutrients are not being digested or assimilated properly and they end up with bloating and fatigue rather than feeling great.

The blood can indicate signs of deficiency long before more serious illness occurs. For example, back to the leaky gut. If the gut isn’t working properly, bloating can occur, or skin conditions, or chronic fatigue. Later on issues can appear with liver health, blood pressure problems, mood and sleep issues, and food allergies. None of these may show in a conventional blood test as a disease, but they are precursors and are making you feel less than optimal. This is where Hemaview is so beneficial, as it can identify what changes need to be made before things get too bad.

If you want to be in optimal health, to keep up with your lifestyle, it’s a great tool to assess the condition of the liver for toxicity. Liver toxicity can lead on to such things as kidney or bladder infections, skin conditions, high cholesterol, weight gain and headaches.

The hemaview live blood screening procedure is highly sensitive and the results are available immediately. By projecting the ‘live blood’ onto a TV or computer screen, patients are able to see their health “on the inside, at a cellular level” right away.

All that is needed is a pinprick of blood taken from the finger. This blood remains unstained and chemically untreated during examination. The blood is placed onto a glass slide and examined under a darkfield microscope so that it can be observed in its living state to assess any discrepancy or deficiencies in cells, platelets and other blood parameters.


What can be seen with Hemaview?

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies (such as Iron, Omega Oil, Vitamin C)
  • Organ or system dysfunction
  • Poor Liver Function
  • Reduced Digestive Integrity and Gut issues
  • Impaired Immune Performance

Being able to detect early changes in blood parameters enables your practitioner to support your body to be optimal before disease occurs. It is incredibly motivating to see your own blood live on a screen in front of you and to see the changes achieved from working with your Practitioner towards better health.

By having regular naturopathic consultations and hemaview tests, you can stay on track and make better health choices for a more vital life.

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About Joanna Loveys and My Remedy

My Remedy

JOANNA LOVEYS is a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist at MY REMEDY, an Integrated Natural Medicine Clinic in Takapuna, Auckland. As a fully qualified naturopath with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine Joanna draws from specialised herbal, vitamin, mineral, nutrition and lifestyle change advice to help you to optimum health. She works individually with patients to assess not only current health issues but to identify and treat underlying causes. Her special interest in clinic is gut and digestive disorders and childrens allergies and sensitivities.

At My Remedy they offer naturopathy, herbal medicine, hemaview live blood testing, food & environmental sensitivity testing (44 page report) , bio impedance testing, homeopathy, massage, sports nutrition, weight loss counselling. My Remedy are a very modern natural medicine clinic based on an integrative holistic health model .

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