Home-school Crafts – Paper Rabbit

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Home-school Crafts – Paper Rabbit

This is another one of Ollie’s books that he is learning to read at the moment and so we decided to make the rabbit in the book.  If you want to make it too, you will need:

Blue paper

White paper


Black felt

Pink felt


Iceblock stick


1.  Cut out a circle out of the blue paper for the head

2. Cut out the eyes and colour in the pupils with the black felt.  Glue to head.

3. Cut out a triangle for the nose out of white paper and colour in pink.  Glue to head.

4. Cut out the ears out of the blue paper.  Glue to head.

5. Cut out the mouth out of the white paper and colour in with the black felt.  Glue to head.

6. Cut out the teeth out of the white paper and glue to mouth.

7. Cut out the whiskers out of the white paper and glue to cheeks.

8. Turn over and cellotape the ice block stick to the back of the head.


What did we learn today?

Ollie learned to use the scissors and glue stick.  He learned about more colours, blue, white, black and pink.  We focused on parts of the rabbit’s head, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, ears and teeth.

Ollie is autistic and so labeling things helps with broadening his language skills.


makingarabbit makingarabbit2 makingarabbit4 makingarabbit5 makingarabbit6 makingarabbit7 makingarabbit8

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  1. Meagan Kerr says:

    Ollie’s rabbit is so cute! Nice work Ollie 😀

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