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| July 19, 2013 | 3 Comments

LDM Hot Pick Ever feel like you should be doing more to stay fit and healthy, whether for yourself, or just to keep up with active kiddies?

Do you lack the motivation to join the gym, or can’t handle the thought of heading out in the chilly weather for a walk? And who really can work up a sweat in ugg boots anyway?

I happened across the Violet Sage blog the other day via Pinterest and got some great tips for exercising the ‘lazy girl’ way. This is my kind of exercise! I have been known to do the odd squat while checking out what’s to eat in the fridge. It helps me make healthier choices! Or the random plank while watching TV.


picnik-collage2 It’s called Incidental Exercise and great for people like me who are really slack at sticking to a routine exercise programme!

Michelle Bridges of “Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation” and Australia’s Biggest Loser fame says “We don’t always think about how incidental exercise can benefit us, but make no mistake – keeping moving can make the difference between maintaining your body weight and having those kilograms sneak their way onto your hips or waistline.”



So go checkout Violet Sage for some more tips, the Lazy Girl way is my hot pick for today!

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  1. Amy Ross says:

    Does it count that the laptop is on my knees and both legs are held up by the coffee table 😉

  2. skeptical says:

    resting on walls isn’t much exercise regardless of the angle of your legs. Probably any fraction of a squat or a lunge while not resting on a wall would be a better exercise than this. Don’t fool yourselves. It’s almost like saying that sitting on a couch for 3 hours is a 3-hours assisted squat.

    Perhaps if one is farther from the wall and uses even the arms to rest, then it may be some exercise for the arms, back and legs, like an easier version of a bridge. But that doesn’t help for incidental exercise, you’d better just sort of bend your knees to whatever angle you can hold yourself in balance for the time of the other task. Or you can even do actual bodyweight squats/lunges, even if partial squats/lunges, instead of a static exercise. But a kung-fu-esque pose with the legs somewhat bent while not resting on a wall would be better, if it had to be more static.

    Best wishes

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